When it started out over 50 years ago, the internet was intended to allow scientists and researchers to contact each other and exchange data about various things. Fast forward to 2022. It has become almost a living entity that connects virtually everyone on the planet. From news to entertainment, work and communication, and much more, there is very little that can’t be done on the web. Unsurprisingly, one of the main uses has been accessing adult content. To quote the hit song from the musical Avenue Q, “The internet is really reallly great - FOR PORN!”

There are few places better suited to satisfy your sexual cravings than tube sites. So first things first: What is a tube site?

Well, if you’re familiar with YouTube, then you will have an idea. Just add a lot more tits, cocks and a splash of bodily fluids and you have it! As a platform to watch free porn, it really is your best option. Now, because the adult entertainment world is a multi-billion dollar industry naturally there are going to be more than a few sites to choose from. Picking the right one for you can seem overwhelming but luckily for you, we have compiled a list of the top 5 best porn tube sites out there!


Brunette woman in black lingerie and stockings lying in bed and biting her finger while looking at a man in a suit.

From the snow-dusted forests and mountains of Canada comes the first site on our list. Almost everyone should know about Pornhub by now. It is, after all, the 10th most visited website in the world with just under 2.5 billion visitors per month! That’s more than Netflix and Amazon!

Like most adult tube sites, it has a bewildering selection of porn in almost every imaginable category. If you create a free profile your experience is enhanced even more - like or dislike videos, create playlists, and even upload videos of your own.

Pornhub also gives more than just sexual satisfaction. From working to save the whales, being involved with Movember and helping with funding breast cancer research they really are a company that loves to give!


Brunette woman in black lingerie on her hands and knees in bed looking up at shirtless man standing in front of her.

Croissants, the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, baguettes in the basket of a bicycle. These are what normally come to mind when thinking of Paris. But few people realise that XVideos can be added to this list as this site was founded there in 2007.

It was originally envisioned to be an adult version of YouTube and this might be one of the reasons for its success and popularity. Despite being banned and censored in many countries, it regularly tops the charts as one of the most popular and visited pornsites in the world. XVideos is also the number one free site to find virtual reality porn!


Body of a woman wearing black lingerie pulling on the belt of a shirtless man and opening his fly. She is kneeling on a bed.

A very similar style platform to the previous two sites on the list (why mess with a winning formula?), RedTube comes in at number three. What makes this one stand out is its ease of use. While most sites follow the same basic principle, navigating around RedTube is very straightforward. Choose if you want to browse through certain categories or a specific porn star. If cam shows are your thing then there’s a link specifically for that too.

There’s an added bonus of being able to upgrade to RedTube Premium and although this means that it’s no longer free, it’s still worth your consideration. Perks include not having to sit through ads, being able to watch videos in 4K quality and unlocking exclusive content as well. If you are serious about tubeporn, then this is for you.


Half-naked brunette man and woman in bed. The man is lying  down while the woman straddles him while holding her hair.

You’re going to want to put aside a whole afternoon to explore this site! If completely free and no-strings-attached wank material is what you are after, give YouPorn a try. This American site has over 100TB of porn and the daily views are well over the 100 million mark! There will definitely be something to tickle your pickle! Don’t be fooled by the slightly softer and more feminine look compared to the other sites, there is no shortage of hardcore and steamy material! This really is one of the best pornsites out there.


Half-naked brunette man and woman in bed together. The man is lying down while the woman is on top of him and leaning in.

Last on the list is xHamster. Starting in 2007, it was initially intended to be an adult-oriented social network for horny and like-minded individuals to connect. Having more than 10 million members doesn’t happen for no reason either - this site really offers everything. From 4K to virtual reality porn, a substantial photos section, live shows and dedicated channels hosted by Brazzers and OnlyFans. There’s even an option to connect with other users under the “Dating” link! For a one-stop-porn-shop experience, xHamster really doesn’t have many equals!

So when it comes to finding the best porn tube sites, the internet has us spoiled for choice! Whether you are just looking to buzz one out quickly, or you want to see your favourite porn star’s latest scene. Or maybe you are looking to connect with other horny singles in order to take things away from the virtual world.

Tube porn sites are a veritable treasure trove of spank bank material, allowing you quick and easy access to the best quality porn from some of the top studios. You can find the hottest adult entertainers in one place and who knows, you might be the one to discover the next Linda Lovelace in an amateur video! Have a quick browse on some of the sites on this list and just be sure to have the lotion and tissues ready!