Picture the scene. You and your other half are enjoying a nice cosy night on the couch catching up on The Witcher. Then all of a sudden that iconic (and lip-bitingly steamy) bathtub scene comes on - you know the one. You sneak a glance at your partner and you see that she’s actually biting her lip and crossing her legs. One hand might even be on her thigh, edging its way slowly down. This might be your first clue that she could be sexually frustrated.

Maybe your sex life has hit a bit of a slump lately. You might still be having your fun, but women’s needs are different and doing the same thing over and over just won’t cut it. Take it from us, she wants to have her back blown out in more ways than just doggy style or missionary under the covers. If you think that you might not be giving her what she needs, then you might be the cause of her frustration. She has an itch and you just can’t seem to scratch it. Keep reading to spot the signs a woman is sexually frustrated - and what to do about it!

1. Food, Glorious Food

Brunette woman holding a bowl of graham crackers in front of an open fridge door, eating one while looking guilty.

One of the easiest signs to spot that she might not be getting enough action is that her appetite seems to have grown overnight. In effect, she is replacing the feeling of being sexually satisfied with a different kind of satisfaction - the kind that comes from binge-eating.

This could be the perfect opportunity for you to step in and suggest something new. Ask her if she wants to take that pint of ice cream that she’s inhaling and bring it to the bedroom for some sweet and sticky fun. She’ll kill two birds with one stone by getting her ice cream as well as making some of her own cream!

2. You’ve Been In There An Awfully Long Time

Brunette woman in blue-jean dress clasping her hands together and looking mischievous in front of an orange background.

Another telltale sign that she might not be getting what she needs is that she has started to go through a suspicious amount of batteries and is spending a long time in the bathroom. She is having her sex toys do what you basically “can’t”, and that’s never a fun realisation!

The next time you are in bed together and things are getting steamy, why not ask her to bring out her toys so that you can join in on what seems to be the only thing giving her satisfaction. Remember, sex toys should be there to enhance and add an extra element, not to replace someone.

3. “I’m Not In The Mood”

Brunette man and woman wearing white shirts sitting in bed. The woman is pushing the man away while looking away.

A low sex drive could be a result of many things but one of the most common causes is being sexually frustrated. What you are doing as a couple and the resulting dissatisfaction is basically putting her off sex, to the point where she is most likely just buzzing one out while she is in the bath or the shower.

When things head this route, don’t make the mistake of offering sex outright. Be more subtle and suggest a nice massage or even just a cuddle on the couch. Being close together and sharing that physical contact might just be enough to reignite that flame!

4. “I’m ALWAYS In The Mood”

Brunette woman in black lacy underwear holding steal handcuffs in front of her lips and smiling seductively.

Rather confusingly, the converse of the previous point is ALSO a sign of sexual frustration. Talking about sex more, showing off her body, dropping hints left, right and centre that she wants to do the devil’s tango - the list goes on. This could all mean that what she is getting is just not quite enough and she needs more. Those bedroom eyes that she keeps giving you could be a cry for help that she is in desperate need to bump uglies with you!

This is where communication is key. The next time you are about to go at it like rabbits in heat, ask her to take the lead and do what she wants to do. You will most likely cum regardless of what happens, so put her needs before yours in this case.

5. “I Just Want Some More Attention”

Brunette woman pulling the tie of a blonde man while sitting on his lap in black panties and blue t-shirt. Man is shocked.

This one is similar to her being horny all the time but it’s a bit more subtle and harder to spot. She could be following you around like a lost puppy, being more affectionate than normal or just generally making an effort to be around you more. Not everyone waves their Honry Flag loudly and proudly and this is the more low-key way of her showing you what she needs.

The easiest thing to do is to give her the attention that she is looking for. Follow her lead and see where it goes. If you make a move too quickly and misread her signals then it could end very badly, so rather let her be in charge of what happens.

6. Don’t Poke The Bear

Mouth of a woman, parted red lips biting down on a golden bullet.

Sexual frustration can manifest in many different ways and one of the worst ones is a short temper and hypersensitivity. Her frustrations are essentially bleeding into other aspects of her mental well-being and if this is the case, extreme caution is needed!

This is also your easiest time to shine though! Be the perfect and amazing partner that she knows you can be by doing small things for her without her asking. Make her day by getting her some of her favourite chocolate or surprise her with a date night. Do whatever you can to make things outside of the bedroom easier and more enjoyable for her. Once her frostiness has thawed a bit then you can start initiating the more physical side of things to deal with the root of the problem. Just remember, whatever you do - don’t rush her!

7. The Green Monster Rears Its Ugly Head

Blonde woman in the background looking at another woman touching a man's cheek in envy.

Jealousy: the bane of many a happy relationship. Most of the time this comes from a place of insecurity in you or your partner, but this is a warning sign that it could come from a darker place. Is she going into a mood every time you interact with someone else? Does she see every interaction you have with someone attractive as flirting?

Lashing out over small things like this is essentially her way of showing that she isn’t happy with what she is getting and is feeling unsatisfied. The easiest fix to this is communication, ask her what is bothering her and what you can do to fix the problem. Be prepared for a dramatic answer like “never speak to another woman again” but just be patient and keep trying. There is nothing sexier than someone who wants to try and resolve the tension.

Humans are complex creatures, women even more so at times. How to tell if she wants sex is never a straightforward and easy question to answer. “Is she horny?” is similarly difficult. You only need to know what to look out for and, more importantly, not to be scared of communication.

Sexual frustration is never fun but the good thing is that it is not incurable! With a little bit of work, you should both be satisfied in no time at all!