We aim to provide you with sincere and truthful reviews and descriptions of the most favorited and successful dating websites in more than 20 countries and we strive to make it easy for you to find the perfect date. We successfully attain this by testing and comparing all the dating features and functionality of those websites, whilst gathering and comparing users' reviews. In addition, we work closely with some of the top rated dating websites, so we can collect information in regards to their non-published information like their user pool, the male / female ratio, and the user’s location.

We are proud to say that we are one of the most trusted names in the dating websites' review sites at a universal level. We have been offering our experts' team accurate ratings and reviews for several dating websites in more than 20 countries and our top list comes with a guarantee that all of our reviews are legitimate and trustful. That gives us the opportunity to build partnerships with the most popular websites in the dating industry and gain access to their private data and statistics. This includes the quantity of verified users, the male-female user ratio, success rates and offering you the most accurate feedback for the best dating experience.

Several partners approach us with ideas and themes to be included on our website, and these are examined by our editorial team before proceeding into a partnership agreement. We are not obliged to accept a partnership agreement and will only do so when the proposed partnership does not compromise our editorial integrity.

On a weekly basis, we have exclusive offers from our credible partners that you can only obtain from our website. We reach out to the most popular dating websites, who provide us with unique offers to give to our users as we like to ensure that you will have a successful dating adventure, at the lowest cost. Remember that our offers have a time limit, so you should take advantage of them before they expire.

Reviews and Ratings

We have two types of ratings: 1. Editor's rating and reviews and 2. Users' ratings. Users can vote and give their ratings through the 5-star rating feature. These ratings are submitted to our site directly and are stored locally. If you would like to give us a more extensive review you can contact us via the contact us form and share your experience with us. offers information about the most popular dating websites of each country.

This review and comparison site is the result of a series of tests conducted on several dating websites by our team of experts.

All of our tests are conducted anonymously to verify that the websites meet our criteria. Our criteria includes the registration process, user friendliness, anonymity, privacy, search methods and tools for communicating with other members.

We also assess costs, data security, customer service, the number of verified members and their average age. We pay special attention to the originality and the effectiveness of the dating features offered by each dating site.

We collect all these characteristics and subdivide them into four categories;
1)Quality of registered Users (Verified Profiles)
2)Functionality of the dating features
3)Customer Service
4)Effectiveness (Match Success).
These categories enable us to give a precise rating that determines whether a dating site will appear in our ranking list and at what position.

Our ranking list is constantly developing as we test new sites every day to help you in your search. In addition, we remain alert and updated in regards to any changes that the already listed sites may have undergone.

Numbers never tell you the full story by themselves, but we give every dating platform we review a score out of five stars to give you an indication of how it performs and where it stands next to its competitors.

5 Stars – Exceptional Performance

A score of 5 stars indicates that the dating platform sets a reference benchmark from which we can judge its competitors. Only the very best dating websites receive this and they are Highly Recommended

4.5 Stars – Excellent
A score of 4.5 stars indicates the dating platform is of extremely high quality with very small flaws that don’t affect most users. The dating sites that score 4.5 stars overall are Recommended.

4 Stars – Very Good
A 4-star score indicates that most users will find very little flaws within the website and would feel confident recommending it to a friend.

3-3.5 Stars – Good
Most users are expected to be satisfied with the dating websites in this range, despite the minor flaws that prevent them from receiving a higher score.

1-2.5 Stars – Poor
Any website that scores this will have some serious flaws and should be avoided.

Choose Wisely helps you find the best dating platform for your unique needs. We give you an overview of the leading providers, then we show you the most important rating criteria and how these websites perform at each level. All data is regularly updated, whilst reviews are structured in a way that enables you to quickly take the most basic and necessary information for each dating website.

Editor's review score, Users' ratings, Key features and Pros and Cons are summarised at the top of each dating platform.The Comparison List is also designed to provide a quick overview of the findings of a review. You can easily navigate to the category you are more interested in, without having to read all the information provided if the website isn’t of interest to you.

Paid dating websites usually offer free registration with limited access to their dating features. If the users are satisfied with the dating platform, they can become paying users and then get access to all possibilities and features of the website.

Although it is quite alluring to only register to the free dating websites, these free dating platforms do not have the same quality and safety requirements as paid ones.Dating websites with 'Premium' packages are especially attractive for serious individuals seeking for a long-term relationship, but also for people that are looking for dating with several members without commitments.

Have in mind that the paid dating websites often have more functions and possibilities whilst they are also more reliable for the simple reason that with free dating websites, users tend to send bulk messages in order to get in touch with as many members as possible. This may also lead to a bad male-female ratio as female users may eventually leave from the free dating websites, due to uncontrolled harassment.

Users of a paid dating website place more value on quality than on the number of contacts. Free dating websites are very suitable for users who are only looking for friendship and therefore less qualitative as paid dating websites, where you often see real success stories.

There are thousands of dating sites to choose from, so you should focus on the ones that match your needs. The most important trait that differentiates dating websites is their User pool. Whilst some sites are good for casual dating, others address a niche market. Another aspect is the relationship type - dating for serious relationships vs casual dating and hookup. It is important to choose a dating site that can highly increase your chances of contacting other members that you are more likely to match with. Another important factor is the pricing - while some dating sites are free, others charge for their services, offering several payment plans and packages to choose from.

A good piece of advice would be to do your research before registering to any dating site. You can use the information brought to you by our dating experts to make sure that the choice you make is the best one for you.

Dating Advices

While there are plenty of success stories when it comes to online dating, it’s clear there are still risks and you should protect yourself in the same way you would with any other online activity. Follow these tips to stay safe:

1. Get to know the person, not the profile and ask plenty of questions - don’t rush into an online relationship or meetings.

2. Never send money to someone you’ve met online, no matter what reason they give or how long you've been speaking to them.

3. Don’t move the conversation off the dating site messenger until you’re confident the person is whom they say they are.

4. Ensure you use a strong password for your online dating profile.

As soon as the registration is complete, the adventure begins and it is time to communicate with other members. Remember to complete your profile with as much information as possible and use a nice profile picture. The first impression really matters as you don't get a second chance to attract someone's interest. Avoid the dull and monotonous 'Hi, how are you?'

Use a more unique and personalized message to introduce yourself. Be real, explain why you are attracted to this profile instead of others, and express your expectations. In addition, you should

avoid using repetitive introductory messages, and adjust them to each member you are writing to. Be careful with your spelling and feel free to take chances! After all, all members are registered for the same purpose: to meet people.

The term “safety” includes two very important parameters. The first one refers to the safety of your personal data such as your name, contact, and payment information. It is important to check that the dating website has terms & conditions as they set the rules and guidelines that users must agree to and follow in order to use and access their website. If you cannot find terms & conditions then this is a red flag.

The second safety parameter refers to your personal safety. In this case, we advise you to be as aware and alert as you would be in real life meetings. Despite the fact that online dating is considered safe in general, there are people that might try to take advantage of you or are simply annoying members. In this case, you should make sure to only arrange meetings in public places, and inform someone close to you when you will meet someone new. Dispose of your private information safely and do not give any personal information out in the first message.