‘’Have you finished?’’

Those dreaded words none of us men want to hear and that's because the majority of the time it means your woman hasn’t finished! It usually comes through as a mix of frustration and embarrassment... from both parties.

But did you know that your performance in bed is not the only thing that could have left her unsatisfied? Sure, a 2017 SpringerLink study has found that 95% of men always climax during sexual intercourse while women fall down to 65%. But, if performance is not the issue, is there something else we can do to make it more enjoyable for them?

Well, for one, try not to get too paranoid. Asking her every few minutes if she's close will only end up turning her off. There are, nonetheless, quite a few things you could do to make your girlfriend orgasm.

The question is, what does she "want" you to do? How do you go beyond kissing, rubbing and fondling? You might even be wondering how much you'll need to last to make your wife cum. It's easy to get discouraged when you feel like you are leaving your other half unsatisfied in the sack. But don’t sweat it guys, believe it or not, it's a lot simpler than you think!

So, without further ado, here are the best things you could try in bed to make her cum.

Don't Skip Foreplay

Woman lying in bed holding a pillow on top of her head, wearing a white bra, looking to be in pleasure.

Let's be honest, there's times where we just want to get the deed over and done with quick and easy without the extra hassle. You have to give your woman a break once in a while though. Nonetheless, without foreplay sex can get boring, not to mention painful for a woman.We don't all have the same moves but, foreplay can be anything from using those fingers, to oral, or even a bit of spankingif she's into that. It's up to you, however, to find out what “does it” for her.

Oral Is A Two-way Street

Yeah, she might equally enjoy making you feel good, but don't neglect her own pleasure. Just how she doesn't need to be asked to go down on you, neither should you. Give her a treat once in a while and remember she doesn't need to reciprocate the favor every time. If your end-goal is satisfying her then get some tongue action onto her clitoris. Depending on how long you've been together, it shouldn't be harder than licking a lollipop.

Take It Slow

It's easy to get carried away, especially if the mood is good, but don't go rushing into the main act before the opening act even took place.

Allow yourselves to indulge in a long, passionate make-out session once in a while. Let foreplay come naturally, don't just use your fingers to test her waters, if you are going to dip them in, have a purpose.

Using your fingers is one of the easiest ways to get a woman aroused as you have more area to work with and more control in terms of movement and technique. Nevertheless, there's still ways to get it wrong, but that's something you can work on!

How To Make Her Cum With Your Fingers:

Woman lying in bed wearing a black, lace night-gown, holding on to the sheets with her eyes closed.

  • Cut And File Your Nails: Guys, take a look at your nails and ask yourselves "Would I want that scratching away inside me?". You don't have to book a manicure every time, but if Edward Scissorhands is the first thing that comes to mind when you see them, then it's about time you clipped those nails.
  • Less Is (Usually) More: Don't get me wrong, girls love penetration just as much as you do (if not more). Even so, if you don't give them some needed clitoral stimulation before you jam another finger in, they're more likely going to writhe in pain rather than pleasure. When they're ready or want more, they will most likely let you know.
  • Learn To Multitask: Okay, so multitasking might not be your forte at the day job, but it's worth putting some practice in on this one. While one of your hands is busy stimulating her clitoris, you can use your other to caress the inside wall of her vagina, or even play with her nipples. If you are looking for a new way to drive her over the edge, this could do the trick.
  • Adjust Don't Change: Change is usually a good thing but don't just take the initiative on this one. If what you're doing is giving her pleasure, avoid the switch to something completely different. You'll have better chances trying to adjust your movements to see if there's a way or place you can touch that can make her feel even better.

Of course, not every one of us has the patience (or self-control) to sit back and give his woman a good time without getting some back. That's usually where penetration comes into play. Just because it's your time to have fun though, it doesn't mean you should disregard her own.

We're all familiar with the Kama Sutra sex positions and sometimes all it takes is a good choice out of the book to give her a good time.

So, What Are The Best Positions To Make Her Cum?

Hands of a man and woman on the bed. The man's hands are holding the woman's hands down.

  • 1. Sitting Down... Doggy Style
    Let your woman's back rest onto your chest as she sits on your lap while you kneel on the bed and slowly penetrate her from behind. This is the perfect position for finding out how to make her cum first. When she begins riding the rhythm along with you, reach around her body and give some TLC to her breasts while you leave wet kisses on her nape.
  • 2. Give The Dog Some "Reinforcement"
    Add a sex toy to the good ol' doggy to give her clitoris the extra edge. Have the receiver hold a vibrator against their clit as you begin to pound away from behind. You can also throw a finger vibrator to the mix while you begin going at it a little rougher if you want to find out how to make her cum instantly.
  • 3. The "Comfy" Missionary (that's you!)
    The classiest of the classics, with a few tweaks for your pleasure and her comfort. This is the best position to catch her off guard and get to know how to make her cum twice in one session. Place a pillow under her butt and rest her legs on your shoulders. Hold her waist in place as you penetrate the most sensitive parts of her body. Feel free to go a little rougher here too.

You might be wondering if every woman is capable of squirting. Maybe you've also experienced a wet feeling while you pound away before, but that could have also "come" from you. Some studies covered by BBC suggest that 10-54% of women have experienced female ejaculation in some form or another, while the amount released was also varying in quantity.

So, you want to know how to make a woman squirt?

For some women you will need to stimulate her g-spot while also giving some attention to her clitoris at the same time, for others, just one of the two can be enough. Regardless, remember the insights we've provided above.

Engage in foreplay, go down on her once in a while, take things slow and don't be afraid to put some extra self-grooming for her pleasure and comfort. Sex toys are also a great way to get some added support with your efforts.

Well, your search for sex tips to make her orgasm ends here. All you have to do now is put everything you've learned today to the test and see which sticks and which of the above can get things even stickier. Give your woman a treat, you will find it quite rewarding.