Having sex with someone new is always overwhelming as neither of you are sure which fetishes or positions will turn each other on. To top things off, if you are a little rusty from any bedroom antics, you might start to stress yourself out!

Well, allow me to help you with that…!

Check out this article to learn what you can do to make your first shag together so good that you'll want to do it again, and again and again!


Pink outline of a naked couple depicting the Missionary sex position.

Nothing comes nearly as natural to all of us as this - It’s a well known classic when it comes to having sex!

Moving together in sync, passionately kissing while being entangled, sweaty, and intimately feeling one another - that’s the missionary position for you!

There’s nothing sexier than looking into your partner's eyes while you bring them to the highest peak of pleasure.

Without a doubt, the missionary sex position can bring two people together in the bedroom like no other, and as a plus, you’ll get to see your partner's face as you both reach climax.


Pink outline of the naked body of a man and a woman with the woman lying on top of the man in the 69 position.

69…. the number that gets everyone whispering every time it pops up.

It doesn't matter if it’s a man and a woman, two women or two men, this position is not only known, but also one of the favourite ones around!

Everyone loves oral sex and if you know someone who doesn’t, then they’ve probably never had a good “Sixty-Nine” session yet!

If you are getting ready to have sex with someone for the first time, then here's your chance to show how good it can really be!

I know you want to show how eager you are to please them, but take it slow, as you’ll need time to explore all the pleasure points with your hands and tongue.


Pink outline of a naked couple depicting the Doggy-Style sex position.

Let your animalistic urges take over - Just this once, it’s okay to be a horny dog!

I know that’s what you’re thinking as well, so go ahead and allow your mind to travel to that moment. The Doggy Style sex position is intense, deep, and brings out the most animalistic side in you and your partner.

I know you can almost hear the moans and feel your hands grab their neck showing who’s in charge, or maybe you’re feeling their hands grabbing you. Whichever the case, make sure to enjoy the most out of the moment!

Be aware and receptive to your partner, as some people like to be spanked and some don't. As an alternative, you can try something light, such as a tighter grip on their thigh or shoulder, and if you hear a moan, go for a stronger thrust. It's all about testing and feeling, not being shy and asking.

If you're feeling extra naughty, try this position in front of a mirror to get more into it!


Pink outline of a naked couple depicting the Cowgirl sex position.

Ride your way to a fantastic orgasm by trying the Cowgirl position!

The seduction and power of this position can make anyone weak. Whether you are riding or being ridden, satisfaction is always guaranteed!

The secret to this position is to take your time! Add passionate kisses, light bites and sexy tongue licking to enjoy the moment even more.

With both of you so caught up in the moment, you won’t even wait for the second round!


Pink outline of a naked couple depicting the Dirty Talking sex position.

I think the name of this sex position says it all!

As you have her laying on her hip and passionately thrusting away, that's the perfect time to whisper sexy seductive words to your partner.

Considering it's your first time together, this might not be for everyone. Try to remember that certain words may be over the top but once you find the rhythm there will be nothing stopping either of you from saying naughty things to each other. Give it a try, say something naturally and if you have a positive response then go for something more daring.


Pink outline of a naked couple depicting the Spooning sex position.

Wrap them up! Everyone loves a good spooning, whether you’re the big spoon or the little one!

This “cozy” setup can provide some of the most exciting sex you will ever experience.

To do the spooning sex position you and your partner must lay down, be on your side, and facing in the same direction, with one partner tucked behind the other!

This sex position allows you to create a more sensual experience.

While your hands travel all over your partner's body, allow yourself to dive into the moment by adding a soft bite into the mix.

Trust me, the moaning, biting, kissing and touching while you penetrate her will definitely do the trick!

The Verdict

Whichever one of these six positions you choose, one thing’s for certain, you can’t go wrong with any of them!

Be spontaneous, go through them one-by-one and have a good time discovering your favourite positions while having fun with your sex partner.

If you’ve come this far you pretty much know what to do by now. The first hookup is about letting go and doing what feels arousing for both of you.

There’s no magic move and there’s no secret! There’s you and who you desire, having the time of your life.