Whether you are longing to recreate the steamy handprint moment between Jack and Rose in that stunning 1912 Renault Coupé de Ville in James Cameron’s Titanic, or simply just feeling amorous on the open road, sex in a car has been a staple for countless people’s “sexcapades”.

Nobody can say for sure what the allure of having sex in the car is all about - perhaps it’sthe intimacy of doing the devil’s tango in a cramped space, or the thrill of potentially getting caught. Whatever the motivation, car sex can be some of the most spontaneous and kinkiest sex there is!

Before we get to the good part though, it’s always good to remember to be savvy when attempting any form of adult activities in a car. Make sure that you are not distracted from the road and putting others in danger, or that you are in a location where some innocent passersby might get an unexpected show of what could easily be a deleted scene from 50 Shades of Grey.

What you can get up to in a car with your significant other is only limited by your imagination (and perhaps the size of your car - as is the way with most things, the bigger the better) but here is a quintet of the best positions that you can try to get the windows foggy in your car.

1) Mutual Masturbation

Let’s start things off nice and tame with a bit of mutual masturbation.

This is best attempted on a long straight road where there are no other distractions. Reaching across to your partner and having a little rummage in their pants is an easy way to get things going and if you are committed and time it right, a joint orgasm can be had without drawing much, if any, attention to your illicit playtime.

Tossing your partner’s salad while travelling at high speeds can add an extra element of excitement and maybe even a rush of adrenaline.

2) Road Head

Stepping things up a notch, this one’s more for the passenger (although if you are parked, there is no reason that the driver cannot be the more active partner).

Man in a suit driving while a woman is bent over with her head above his crotch looking up at him.

You are no longer limited by the road and can do this virtually anywhere. A twisty and bumpy mountain road can cause some unexpected but welcome moments of deep throating (gag reflex allowing). Or perhaps a game of chicken where you see how far you can go while stuck at a traffic light - this works even better if you are in a tall SUV - the added ride height provides some crucial coverage from prying eyes.

3) Doggy Style, Door Open

Picture it, you are at the top of a mountain or at the beach. The cool night air mixed with some funky James Brown on the radio are all coming together to create a symphony of lust and passion. And what better way to make the most of the moment than a bit of back door doggy style?

Bending over on one of the passenger seats or the tailgate of the car while your partner makes love to you from behind, it’s a magical experience that everyone needs to try. It is even better if you are able to get on all fours in the cargo area of the car and go all the way.

4) Cowgirl, Front Seat

Just like the regular cowgirl position, this one relies on a bit of thigh strength to keep you from toppling off. The front seat is also a pretty confined space too, so a good core is very important.

Open car window showing a woman's lower body with black, lace underwear and leather jacket.

Whether you are in the front seat or the back, feel free to use the grab handles or headrests for extra support. If you’re feeling a bit kinky, you can even incorporate the seat belt for a bit of restraint play and bondage.

Needless to say, this is one of those positions that is best done while the car is stationary and away from prying eyes.

5) Backseat Bondage

This final position is perfect for realising your BDSM fantasies.

Get on the back seat and use the seat belts on either side to keep your legs propped wide open (for an added element use the central seat belt to tie your hands up),relax and let your partner show you exactly how intense a jump start can be! You can also use the seatbelts as a replacement for leather (or fluffy) handcuffs and submitting to your partner’s desires.

Hands of a man and a woman against a foggy car window. The man's hand has a ring while pushing the woman's against the window

Naturally, this is only a small sample of the fun that can be had in a car - the possibilities are nearly endless.

If you have a big enough car, you could add a third or fourth person into the mix; a convertible will enable you to dine al fresco if you so choose. Whichever the case, your options are endless! All you need is four wheels and creativity, and you’ll be off for some sexy adventures! Just remember to be safe and have fun at all times!