Sex tourism has been around forever. Whether you want to sex date in a random city or go to a world renowned sex club, there is a place for whatever fetishes you are into.

In their latest sex blog, thebestdatingsites experts have collected their six most favourite sex capitals of the world.

1.Find sex in Prague, Czech Republic

There is no better place for sex than Prague. There are no restrictions on sexuality in this city.

Law enforcement ignores the fact that erotic establishments such as sex clubs and brothels may be illegal in this bohemian city.

As well as being a known sex location, Prague is one of the best stag party destinations in Europe because it has many adult entertainment venues.

For a stag do in Prague, we recommend the following three strip clubs:

If you're not into gentleman’s clubs and would rather meet up for sex, Prague is one of the most known romantic cities to meet local women. A great place for a sex date would be Prague's old town, which is filled with nightclubs and bars for all your hookup needs.

2.Sex games in Paris, France

Paris is not just a city of romance where you can meet women and find relationships. According to statista, it is the online sex dating capital of Europe with more than 37% of men and 25% of women using dating apps regularly to hook up.

In Paris, the majority of men and women use meet up sites to look for one night stands and to get as much casual sex as possible.

A recent study found that one in six Parisians admitted switching partners at least once during group sex in a swingers club.

In fact, it is thanks to these hidden sex trends that we regard Paris as a sex capital. We now know why Napoleon dubbed Paris the city of pleasure and how you and your wife can enjoy an erotic couples vacation in Paris.

3.Sex tourism in Las Vegas, USA

Las Vegas Strip with \

As the saying goes, "what happens in Sin city stays in Sin city". It's only 6.8Km long and known as "The Strip" to sex tourists. While you won't find free sex in Vegas very often, hooking up here is sure to be worth your while.

Sin city's hotels, casinos, and strip clubs offer endless opportunities for meet up sex, and we have compiled a list of ways you can do it.

  • Pool Party Sex - Visit the best pool parties in Las Vegas, if you want to meet single women looking for casual sex. With beautiful ladies around, there is a high possibility of some sneaky public sex too.
  • Swingers Partys - One of the most famous sex clubs in Las Vegas is Red Rooster, which hosts swinging events every week. If you want to avoid an affair or cheating on your wife, why not bring her with you to Vegas for a couple swap and group sex? (as long as she is into that of course...)
  • Escort Agency - For the man who wants to get straight to the point, Las Vegas is the Amazon of escort agencies. Find sex online for any fetish you are into and have your next sex date delivered to your door.

4.Sex shows in Amsterdam Netherlands

A sex capital that has the most famous red light district in the world and one of the few places where you can have dinner and watch a live sex show as a form of erotic entertainment.

De Wallen is the most popular of red-light districts as it offers the best of window prostitution to suit every desire you have, whether thats a sex toy shop, a sex theatre and even a sex museum!

Sex is celebrated in Amsterdam around every corner providing a different sexual experience to satisfy your needs.

Amsterdam has the largest variety of local sex workers globally and you can hook up with your perfect woman, man or whichever LGBTQ+ community you prefer.

5. Sex on the beach in Ibiza, Spain

The party capital of Spain is filled with beautiful nude beaches, erotic sex shops and sensual sunsets which makes it one of the most liberal places to find a holiday hook up. Indulge in naked yoga or take part in a sex tutorial on a private beach. Whichever your preference, Ibiza has it all!

Ibiza makes sex feel like ecstasy without the drugs. Just imagine having hot sex in a hotel at one of the superclubs like Ushuaia while watching Martin Garrix perform a DJ set.

If you know the right people in Ibiza you won’t need to rely on meet up sex at a party. You’ll more often than not be invited to a private sex party in a villa for a sunset orgy filled with BDSM and kinky sex fetishes.

So when will you be booking your next ticket to Europe's best holiday sex destination?

Palm trees with sunset in the background. \

6. Massage sex in Pattaya, Thailand

The last capital of sex on our list has more than 28 000 local sex workers alone and is the world's largest sex industry, even though erotic acts are not allowed to be paid for.

Pattaya allows massages, and they always end happily if you get my drift. Transgender sex is big in Pattaya and you will find women (lady boys) all over the redlight district.

Bars and Nightclubs in this Asian ‘Sin City’ always have weird and wonderful sex acts. You can find anything from sex shows with ping pong balls, to a ladyboy strip tease including lapdancing.

Pattaya may be the weirdest but also the best place to find sex in the world, and it also offers unique erotic shows you won't find anywhere else.

With all this information you can now hook up in 6 of the best sex destinations the world has to offer in every way that you desire. All that’s left is to pack your bags and begin your next sex adventure. Fly Safe and stay horny.