Love is in the “ear” or Love is with the eyes?

A lot of people say immediate attraction and romance starts from the voice, but how true is this? Can a voice really make us feel more attracted to someone?

Well, I think most of us can agree that the answer is yes. I bet you’ve been on a night out having a drink with friends, overhearing someone on the table next to you, and just having the urge to rip their clothes off without even worrying about what they look like.

Or is that just me...?

Yes, I know there is a time and a place but sometimes the temptation is difficult to resist. Especially when it comes to certain UK accents...

It may be more of a psychological thing where certain words or phrases sound sexier in different accents, or maybe it's just that the accent isn’t common around your area. But what I do know is that certain accents seem to turn heads a lot more than others, some make people sound more intelligent and some make people sound sexier or even more romantic. I suppose it’s like when you go abroad on holiday and have a waiter or waitress come over to read you the menu with an exotic sexy accent, but all you can think of is, ‘’I’ll have a nice warm spicy portion of YOU, please…’’. Ok, maybe it's getting a little too hot ‘n’ steamy in here, can someone turn the aircon up!

Well the 2020 Time Out Index asked more than 37,000 people in upwards of 30 countries which accent they found the sexiest, and surprise surprise, the ‘British accent’ was number one in the world. It has been known to be charming, cheeky, intelligent, and seductive all in one… Hang on, is that even possible?

Well, I suppose the question you should be asking is, which UK accent? In the UK, there are over 40 different accents, doesn't that sound crazy? There is pretty much something for everyone's taste. As mentioned above, some can be more seductive, some a little more formal, and some a lot more saucier that can make you feel weak at the knees! Dangerous, eh?

So let’s take a close look at which UK Accents came in the top 5:

1. Essex

People walking on the beach and going past colorful beach huts in West Mersea

‘’That’s Lush babes’’ - Yes, I kid you not, number 1 is Essex... It’s difficult to believe that someone shouting ‘nice one bruvaaaa’ or ‘you look absolutely smashin’ tonight’ can sound sexy. But somehow, the Essex bunch make it work. It's definitely got a lot more popular since the program TOWIE. Hearing Joey Essex screaming ‘You pair of Capri suns!!’ or ‘look reem, be reem, smell reem’ supposedly comes across hot?! I think we can also all agree that nobody would say no to the likes of Russell Brand. Charismatic, charming, sexy, a little rough around the edges... That's exactly what you can expect from the Essex crowd!

2. Northern Ireland

A man and a woman with backpack holding hands walking in the countryside

’What’s the Craic?’ - I know, sounds rude right? But this is the way the Northern Irish ask 'what's happening?’. Some say it's difficult to understand, but it’s a tone that just oozes seductiveness and excitement when you hear it. Friendly, spicy and stimulating. What more can you ask for in an accent? Weak at the knees, is exactly what the Northern Irish accent does to you. Oh please, just keep talking to me, Jamie Dornan...

3. Manchester

A romantic bridge over a river in Manchester during the evening

MINT! Less action, more talking, please. Not surprising they come in at number 3. If you like sweet ‘n’ sour, you’ll like the Mancunian accent. Not only will it make you tingle, but if you ever need a ‘pick me up’, you can rely on the mouth-watering Mancs to show you a good time. I think they’ll be pretty happy to be ahead of the Brummies and Scousers as well!

4. Yorkshire

Bradford city centre at night time

‘’There's nowt like a proper brew’’. That's right, the Yorkshire accent takes 4th spot. Cool, calm and collective, a voice that runs through you in a nice soothing way. The accent is also voted as the most calming accent in the UK, according to Countryliving, which explains why it’s in the top 5 sexiest UK accents.

A nibble of your Yorkshire pudding Zayn Malik... Yes, please!

5. Liverpool

Couple sitting together on a bench cuddling at the edge of the river Mersey

‘’Fancy going for a bit of scran later gal?’’. It wouldn’t be a top 5 without the scousers now, would it! Lively, energetic, cute, sexy, sassy, loud, we could go on and on… They have it all! When thinking of the scouse accent, Abbey Clancy comes to mind, you couldn’t leave her out of the top 5 now, could you! Scousers are known to be pretty much up for anything and everything. They’ll always go the extra mile to show you a good time, so don’t think twice ;)

Three images in one showing Edinburgh, Glasgow and London. All images show couples interacting with one another

A few more to mention, that came close to making the top 5 were:

Newcastle - Alreeeet Pet ‘’Dee us some scran, hinny. I'm clamming" translates to ‘’Make me some food, hunny, I’m starving’’. The Geordies are another rowdy bunch, they love a good night out and you only need to take a good look at ‘Geordie Shore’ to see how playful and uncontrollably naughty they can sound ;)

Glasgow - ‘’Fancy a shag?’’. Imagine saying that when asking someone to have it off with you! Well the Glaswegians somehow make it work and it seems to get people feeling a little mischievous and fruity! A lovely city too!

London - Well all we need to say is... Give me a hot steamy cup of Danny Dyer every morning to slurp on... Not many could resist, the majority of people find the cockney accent manly, charming and quite irresistible.

So there you have it, the top 5 sexiest UK accents, with a couple of runners-up ;) I think these just prove that the UK accents are some of the most seductive in the world. But even if you aren’t a fan of any of the above, with over 40 different accents in the UK, I’m sure you’ll eventually find one that ends up hitting those special spots!!

And remember… It’s not necessarily what you say but it’s how you say it!