Are you stuck at home searching for the best sex websites? Are you looking to get laid in the UK, but you’re tired of swiping through one dating profile after another? Then, maybe it’s time you gave up on sexting and tested your chances in the offline dating world.

And why limit yourself trying to find sex in your area? You won’t have to google ‘how to get sex’ again if you put Tinder aside and check out our list of the top sex cities in the UK!

Keep getting it on... in Lond-on!

And how could we make a list on UK’s sexiest cities without including its capital! The last few years, London has become the go-to city for people looking to partake in sex dating events. These could range from ‘raunchy’ film screenings to accessorizing your own sex toys.

Sexy get-togethers are not everyone’s cup of tea, though. And if you fall into that category, here’s a few places worth checking out if you’re up for a hot one night stand or a quick shag:

London is widely considered the sexiest city in the UK right now. With about half of its adult population being single and a whopping 25% of them being up for casual sex - If you think of the odds, for a city that has almost 10 million people, one in four is a pretty good number!

Get the girls out of their ‘knickers’ in Manchester.

Did you know that almost 80% of Manchester’s population get down and dirty at least once a week? I mean, it’s no surprise considering it is the second largest city in the UK. More people simply means more possibilities for a shag or an affair (depending on your preferences).

Here’s the catch though - some places in Manchester are better than others when it comes to finding nsa sex. So, if you wanna skip the chat and get right to the sexy business, here’s a few places for you:

So, why don’t you give it a visit on your next escapade? All it takes is one night in Manchester to turn you from horny and desperate to a sex machine!

Every road leads to Leeds!

Leeds has become quite well-know for its local sex workers who have been providing sexual favours for men (and women) since the late 1800s. This has made many wonder ‘Is prostitution legal in the UK?’ Well, if you’ve heard of the Leeds red light district then you are probably aware that it was until very recently.

While the red light zone played a part in our inclusion of Leeds in our list here, the city itself is still a sex city through and through. Even without the brothels and prostitutes there’s plenty of places to find a one night stand or to get shagging. Here’s a few:

You can end your search for sex workers online and get the real thing in Leeds. When it comes to realizing your deepest sexual desires, there’s no place that can compete.

Blacked out silhouettes of man holding a glass of beer and woman holding a wine glass sitting on a bar table talking.

Get ‘steaming’ in Liverpool

If you’d rather look for a shag instead of renting a sex worker, the city of Liverpool has some of the most open minded people you’ll meet. Not to mention the sheer amount of mature women looking for a fun night and older men looking for a sugar baby.

It’s where you should go if you want to meet like minded people who share your ‘fantasies’. Here’s a few places that could tickle your fancy:

Liverpool is the place to be if you are tired of having vanilla sex and you’d like to experiment on something more ‘kinky’.

How about fingringhoe in Essex?

So, here’s one you don’t read about very often. Essex, which is technically a county, has some of the most sexually active nightlifes in the country. And if you’ve ever dated an Essex girl, you know exactly why that is. When it comes to being direct and provocative, none can rival the girls from Essex.

But wait, there’s more! Essex has many popular dogging hotspots. Epping Forest being one well-known among both the university’s students and local adults looking for a ‘quickie’. If public sex is too racy for you though, here’s where you should be if you want to ’get your end away’ with a stranger:

There aren’t many places quite like Essex in the UK. Whether you are looking for a flirty conversation with a stranger or casual sex hookups, in Essex, you get what you want.

Get a dildo from Glesga

You might be wondering how Glasgow ended up as one of the UK's sexiest cities. Well, the answer is simple - Glasgow adult toys! Over the course of the last 2 years, Glasgow’s demand for a ‘marital aid’ has skyrocketed. Their adult shop industry has run out of products so frequently that people have even begun trying to make their own DIY sex toys.

But hey, toys are not the only thing that’s gonna make you ‘cum’ to Glasgow - Here’s the sexiest places to visit in the city:

So, if you’re also feeling ‘randy’, and that porn video doesn’t do it for you anymore, then visit Glasgow for the real deal.

Silhouette of a woman sitting behind an ajar door with the sight of a man's jeans having a condom in its back pocket.

Plenty of fish in Swan-sea

In case you are a romantic soul who enjoys the occasional walk at a nearby beach, then Swansea’s the place for you to take in some natural beauty (and we are not just talking about its ‘babes’).

Did you also know that Swansea is the wettest city in the UK? And we're not referring to the rain…..!

The Welsh city is not just for the hopeless romantic though. If you have a more carnal desire, here’s a few spots that could potentially help you out:

And hey, even if you don’t end up waking up next to a Swansea beauty the next morning, if it’s a hot day, you can still try your luck at the beach.

Get a Bel-fast ‘ride’

If you like a partner that knows what they want and how to get it, then you’ll have a lot of fun in Belfast. Fiery red-heads - forward and aggressive - both the men and women of Belfast love to be assertive with their advances. Be confident when approaching a potential partner and you are sure to have an unforgettable ‘screw’.

Belfast’s nightlife is one of a kind with so many options to choose from, you won’t know where to go first! Here’s a few we would highly recommend:

Northern Irish people have one of the sexiest accents too. If you want to find out why, visit Belfast on your next day off, it will definitely be worth your while.

With UK’s nightlife beaming with sex appeal it’s no wonder it was ranked the second sexiest country in the world. Metropolitan cities like London and Manchester bringing in large numbers of single people looking to ‘keep it casual’ with a stranger. Smaller cities that can keep anyone busy with their natural beauty and outspoken, straightforward individuals. No matter where you go in the UK you are bound to have a good time!