Dogging has been around for over a decade in the U.K. It is one of the older sex trends but it is still an extremely popular way of hooking up in 2021. So much so that it has also taken off in the USA regardless of a worldwide pandemic.

So what is Dogging and how did it start in the UK?

Dogging is an eccentric style of meet up sex that originated across the U.K. in the early 2000s. The internet and particularly sex dating sites are responsible for Dogging’s quick rise to popularity.

Sex in Public with a twist would be a good way to describe dogging. A typical dogging session involves inviting people from online sex sites to a random dogging hotspot. Popular hotspots include a forest or an abandoned car park where you can have sex or watch couples hook up.

Dogging participants usually pretend to walk their dogs while watching a live outdoor sex scene and this is how the public sex trend got its name.

Why is dogging so popular?

Dogging is popular in the UK amongst men and women because it uses the power of technology to connect anyone and everyone with a fetish for exhibitionism and public sex.

You can find a dogging session no matter what your marital status is, what type of work you do, or even where you live, as long as you use a sex meet site or a reputable dogging site.

Jill and Henry, users of i-hookedup are a proud dogging couple who love to engage in orgies and swinging sessions.
They say that dogging has rejuvenated their sex lives and strengthened their marriage. As she continues, "Who would have thought an afternoon of dogging in Epping Forest could save my marriage?"

While walking through a quiet forest, keep an eye out for vehicles surrounding you or anything unusual; you'll probably find yourself engaged in a steamy dogging session not long after.

The sheer number of accessible parks contributes to the popularity of dogging in the UK; with over 15 National parks to choose from in addition to each county having its own, it's easy to see why parks make up for 32% of the Dogging hotspots.

With Covid-19 and more people using their local parks, forests and outdoor areas on a daily basis, dogging is an increasingly popular way to have group sex in 2021.

We’ve compiled a list of the Top Dogging Hotspots in the United Kingdom for 2021 so you can start trying out your own “Outdoor Adventures”!

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Has Dogging become an international sex trend?

Although dogging is very British, the meetup sex trend has spread throughout the world, especially in the USA where they have made the outdoor sex experience their own. It’s common to meet up at a dogging hotspot in the UK and watch people have sex in their cars and parks.

Dogging in America has been taken to the next level as most Americans see it as a challenge to find the wildest places for public sex and most importantly to be seen hooking up.
The trend has turned into a sex challenge, where the goal is to record yourself having sex in a public place without getting caught to see who’s sex tape will go viral.

International sex dating websites make it easier for people to get into dogging than ever before. In fact, dogging is growing in more and more places around the world every year. The time is now for those interested in starting dogging. Make sure you don’t miss out.