Typing the perfect first message to your new match is the most important part of dating online, regardless if you’re on the best sex dating websites or not. Never before has a line of text been the difference between hooking up or sitting at home watching Netflix without the chill.

You’ve probably googled the “best pick-up lines to use on women” and come up with lists of unoriginal opening lines that have been used over and over again!

Phil Jones, head of dating trends at horny-hub.com has spoken to multiple real women to find out what pick-up lines they want to receive when on sex meeting sites. Our team has combined this research into 5 of the best ways to open conversations with women online in 2021.

1) The Confident Opening Message

A key part of online dating is to be as attractive as possible to someone who you want to go on a sex date with. There are a few type of pick up lines for women that can guarantee hookup sex. These are based on pure science.

Researchers say that the chemical formula for being attractive is known as ‘Confidence’. Dating online requires a little bit of arrogance and pretending to be confident, through a powerful opening message to your match.

A confident opening message would be something like this:

“I knew we would match, I'm super good looking, and you’re super good looking too. All that’s left is for us to meetup and both be super super good looking together”

A key tip here is to show confidence in your looks and personality but also give her compliments and make her feel good so that she’s excited to meet.

2) The Cheesy Pick-Up Line

Most online dating users won’t like to admit it but a cheesy line is a guaranteed option to make a girl laugh her way to a first sex date with you. Keep it original because it won’t work if she’s heard it before!

A unique pick up line can be a play on words, a pun, or even a little rhyme. Unique examples of chat-up lines that have helped our team members hook up:

  • “Do you prefer being eaten out? Or eating out?”
  • “If you were a fruit you’d be a FINEapple”
  • “If I was blind the only thing i’d be able to see is you and I hooking up later”

Always try these cheesy pick up lines on a variety of sex dating sites. If you're not sure which sites to start with, it’s good to compare different ones and go from there.

Brunette woman holding her phone while smiling while squares of different male dating profiles float around her.

3) The Insulting Opening Line

High risk, high reward because most girls aren’t expecting you to start up a conversation by insulting them on a meet up site. Make sure to follow up the opening line with a laughing emoji so she knows you’re being a flirt instead of being serious. A pro-tip would be to insult her about her interests, her dating profile or her about me text, like the example below:

“You’ve definitely got the most boring dating profile on this site, I hope you’re more exciting in the bedroom” …*Laughing Emoji”


“Your profile picture is not great at all, it would be better if I was in it ;)

WARNING: Whatever you do, try to avoid insulting her appearance or personality!

4) The Joke Conversation Starter

Women love a man that can make them laugh, so use your best joke as a way to start flirting.

If she doesn’t laugh, use it as an opportunity to describe how you’re funnier in real life as to increase your chances of meeting up.

Send a picture of yourself (don’t send nudes) wearing a shirt and ask her “what material the shirt she thinks the is” When she responds with a normal type of shirt material your answer should be “No, it’s actually Boyfriend Material ;)”

This is just an example of a funny pick-up line but you should use what makes you laugh and put it into a direct message. Make it your own!

Spiky-haired man holding his phone while smiling while squares of different female dating profiles float around him.

5) A “Straight to the Point” Opening Line

Online dating is the fastest way to hook up in 2021. Most people are trying to find one night stands and casual sex without all the small talk. This type of message depends solely on how your dating profile picture looks. For instance, if you look sexy to your match it will obviously increase your chances while sexting.

Lastly, always be ready for rejection and try to turn a ‘NO’ into a positive situation. My personal favourite example of being straight to the point while chatting online is:

“How about Pizza and a Hook up? I’ll bring the pizza. “

Or if you're really feeling brave try this;

“My friend wants your number so he knows who to call when I go missing in your pants”

These are the best types of pick-up lines to use on dating sites in 2021 as far as were concerned. I hope you have found a pick up line that suits your flirting style. Make sure to try the different types to get a great feel on what works well for you.

Meeting a beautiful woman online is the easy part and we’ve just given you the tools to excel in the hardest part of hooking up from a dating site. Once you’ve nailed the opening line in her DM’s, make sure to keep the conversation flowing to ensure you get to meet up and, if you’re lucky enough, you’ll probably get laid too!