*Please keep in mind that SexyAds.com is no longer in operation and has currently been replaced by Zoig.com. The below review reflects the latest version of the site before it was discontinued.


The 1990s was a magical time and many people are nostalgic for this era. If you want to travel back to the past and experience what online dating was like before the turn of the century then look no further! SexyAds is not a modern website by any stretch of the imagination and looks like it is stubbornly rooted in 1997 when it was created. We almost expected to hear that dreaded soundtrack of dial-up internet when we saw the home page!

SexyAds does have lots of charm though, but is 1990s nostalgia all that it has? The answer may surprise you! Come with us as we take you through this journey back in time and give you the 4-1-1 on this little piece of cyber-history!

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  • Many features that create a sense of community and increased opportunities to connect with others
  • Although old-fashioned in design, the platform is easy to navigate and very quick to get to grips with
  • Chat rooms and video chats are a great alternative to the usual one-on-one text messaging


  • The outdated interface and design make the site feel like it’s stuck in the 20th century
  • No app is available and the website does not reformat for mobile devices
  • Quite pricey compared to competitors with more modern features
  • No anonymity (anyone visiting the site is able to see your profile so if you are trying to be discreet it might not be the best option for you)

What Type Of Dating Site Is SexyAds?

Sexy ads dating site homepage
  • Hookups
  • Meetups
  • Chatting
  • Friendships (with benefits)

As the name suggests, SexyAds is the ideal place to find connections of a more carnal and physical kind. Those who are looking to make meaningful connections and to find that special someone might be disappointed as sex is very much the name of the game. The various features on offer only emphasise the endgame here - sex stories, adult blogs, adult ads, erotic ads, cam shows etc. Everything seems to be catered to getting you in the mood for some horizontal dancing.

Who Is SexyAds For?

  • Straight
  • Gay and lesbian
  • Bisexual
  • Transgender
  • Couples

For a site that had its origins when Hanson and Destiny’s Child were at the top of the pop charts, SexyAds is incredibly inclusive and offers a wide range of options for almost anyone. Despite not including non-binary or gender-neutral gender identification choices, gay, lesbian, bisexual and various transgender options exist so you can be very specific about what sort of free sex ads you are looking for. You are also able to look for couples if you want to be the lucky third member of a steamy menage-a-trois. Basically, anyone who wants to post personal ads for sex is welcome!

Stats & Infographics

Male - Female Ratio

Sexy ads dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics

Sexy ads dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution

Sexy ads dating site stats and infographics country distribution

Registration Process

Registering on SexyAds is an extremely quick and straightforward process. It seems that the site is stuck in 1997 so the interface is extremely familiar to anyone who knows the struggles of a dial-up connection. To join all you need to do is create a nickname, state your gender, age, and location and fill in your email address. Create a password and you are good to go! A verification email is sent to you and when you click the link your account has been created and you are in!

Sexy ads dating site registration process sign up form

Before you can browse the site, a pop-up window prompts you to complete your profile. This is where you say what sort of person and relationship you are looking for as well as a bit of a description of your appearance. It’s almost refreshing how pared back and Spartan the site is. Most modern dating apps make it feel like you are filling out a missing person’s report with all the details they ask about you but with SexyAds they just stick to the most important parts and don’t bother with any complicated bells and whistles.

Sexy ads dating site registration process profile completion

We were also surprised at how easy to navigate such an outdated website is, things really were simpler and more efficient 20-odd years ago! And don’t be fooled by the appearance and think that there aren’t any features worth perusing. Erotic stories, blogs, voice ads, galleries, sexy adult chat, competitions - all do a great job of creating the feeling of being in a community with like-minded people.

SexyAds App & Mobile Compatibility

Because SexyAds came from the era when you could count the screen resolution of your phone by looking at it and counting the pixels, it is not surprising that there is no mobile app available. The site does not even reformat itself on modern phones and since the design and layout are identical to that of the desktop site, it is quite tedious to navigate on a smaller screen.

Men Vs Women

As far as we could tell there seems to be no difference in the sign-up process or pricing whether you join as a male or a female and posting sexy personal ads works the same for everyone. When we signed up as a man it did seem that there was more activity and active members although the question of how genuine these profiles were popped up more than a few times.


Erotic Stories

In addition to being a platform aimed at helping people make connections, SexyAds is also a hub for erotic literature. The erotic stories are free to read and cover almost every category you can think of. Not only can you read the stories but you are also able to submit one or two of your own if you think that you are the next Stephen King of erotic fiction!

Sex Forum

Creating a sense of community and like-mindedness seems to be a big goal of SexyAds and they appear to know how to achieve this. In the Sex Forums section, you are able to participate in discussions on topics ranging from BDSM and gay or bi-curiosity to talking about your pets and even “Canadians and those who love them”!

Blog Posts

SexyAds has opportunity after opportunity for its members to express themselves and reach out to others and the blog section proves this. Members are free to create blog posts about essentially anything they would like and these are archived along with all the other blogs for others to peruse and read through at their leisure. Features like this don’t exist on most dating platforms and we almost feel that they are missing out on something quite original.

Monthly Contests

Sexy ads dating site monthly contests feature

SexyAds runs monthly competitions to get people involved in making connections in new ways. When we signed up there was a photo contest on the go where you could submit any (non-explicit) photo according to the theme which was “Mirror mirror on the wall”. Anyone is able to submit a photo as well as vote for others’ photos.

Offers, Prices & Costs

VIP Subscription Package

SexyAds offers only one option of upgrading above the standard free membership. The free version is extremely limited and you could find yourself frustrated with how little you are able to do so weighing up the costs and perks is going to have to be the deciding factor if you want to upgrade. There is no coin or credit system so if you upgrade you have unlimited access to all the features available.

VIP Subscription Costs

  • Monthly membership = $24.97
  • 3-month membership = $69.97
  • 12-month membership = $199.97

Apart from the monthly membership which renews itself automatically at the end of each month, you are only billed once for the 3- and 12-month memberships. If you would like to continue your membership after this time you will need to take out a new subscription with your existing account.

VIP Subscription Perks

Before we get into the perks of the VIP subscription, we will briefly show you what features are available with the free membership so you can compare them.

The free membership includes:

  • Browse and search all profiles (although this is limited to only a handful of options)
  • Free to contact any VIP member
  • Send and receive tickles
  • Create photo and video galleries
  • Read and post in forums
  • Create your own blog

Upgrading to the VIP subscription includes all the free features along with many additional ones. It is quite an extensive list so we will just name some of the highlights:

  • Send and receive unlimited emails (yes, emails!)
  • Video chat
  • See who has viewed you
  • Seeing explicit photos and videos posted by other members
  • More advanced search parameters
  • Post comments on others’ profiles
  • View profiles anonymously

Safety & Security

Member Identity Verification

In an attempt to prevent fake profiles from being created, verification of your identity is done by uploading a photo of yourself with the words “SexyAds” written on your body. This is then compared to your profile photo and if it is a match your profile is given a “Certified Real” stamp.

Sexy ads dating site safety and security member identity verification

This is quite a clumsy and outdated way of verifying the identity of its members and even with the most basic photo editing skills, it could easily be bypassed. We would have liked to see something a bit more secure such as ID document verification or even linking your profile with one of your social media accounts.

Use Of Personal Data

SexyAds collects certain information about the use of their site in order to ensure the smooth and continuous running of their operations. If they decide to use any information collected about you for promotional or informational-related materials, they are entitled to inform you and give you the opportunity to decline this.

Data Encryption

One worrying omission was that there was no mention anywhere in the Terms of Service of data encryption which leaves open the possibility of your communication and information on the site being intercepted or hacked. It appears as if the Terms of Service were written when the site was created and have not been updated since to reflect changes and developments in cyber security.


When we first saw the outdated interface and basic design we thought there was no way we were going to be able to find any redeeming features but we were pleasantly surprised. Its design and layout are actually intuitively laid out and in the end, we found it quite charming. Would we have preferred a modern and up-to-date look? Of course! But somehow its look adds to the experience.

Myriad features are available that create a real sense of community and provide many different ways to connect and interact with others although most of them are hiding behind that pricey VIP membership. We were also disappointed at the lack of data encryption and cybersecurity features. It seems as if any development behind the scenes stopped a few months after the site was set up back in 1997 and, today when the world has never been more connected, this is a massive oversight.

All in all, despite a more positive experience than we were expecting, it is still a difficult site to recommend. Many of the bigger names in the business not only provide a modern interface as well as features that are more in line with the 21st century but also offer more secure platforms as well. We say it’s best to keep shopping around before you reach for your wallet and get that VIP subscription.

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  1. Upgrading to the VIP membership gives you more options for how to interact with other members (just bear in mind that the cheapest monthly membership automatically renews).
  2. If another member is harassing you you can report their profile to the SexyAds support team and give details about the incident. They will investigate that user and you are also able to block them from contacting you by clicking on “Blacklist” on their profile.
  3. Since its cyber security and data encryption protocols are lacking, be careful and give consideration to what information you post about yourself to reduce the risks that come from hacking and cyber-attacks.