Food and Sex have a lot in common; they are nourishing, meet our basic needs and if prepared correctly, are highly pleasurable!

So it makes perfect sense to combine the two for some fun treats between the sheets.

Remember, great sex is like great food…the more you have the more you want!

Yes, that triple cheese pizza you had last week may have been nothing short of ‘Food Porn’ but is that really what we mean when we refer to great sex foods? Read on to find out the most common and sometimes intriguing sex foods of 2021, and beware, this can get messy…

1) Oysters

I guess it’s no surprise that oysters are mentioned here. The infamous lover ‘Casanova’ apparently ate 50 for breakfast EVERY single day! To be perfectly honest I’m not a fan of them myself, but that doesn’t stop them from being the most well-known aphrodisiacs in the world!

Thanks to their high zinc content and combination of amino acids they are reportedly able to enhance libido in both men and women and will have you dropping your pants quicker than you can say ‘Bill please!’

Woman with open mouth and closed eyes holding an oyster in front of her mouth, about to eat it.

TOP TIP: Best to enjoy these babies BEFORE getting it on. Pair them with a glass of bubbly and a romantic dinner and you’ll both be gagging for it before you’ve even gotten home.

2) Pineapples

Pineapples have quite the reputation when it comes to sex. Apart from being full of sex boosting nutrients, they have recently become the secret symbol for swingers, and are reportedly beneficial when it comes to oral sex.

Okay, so it’s not scientifically proven, but it’s claimed that eating sweet fruits such as pineapples can make certain bodily fluids taste AND smell much sweeter. Former porn actress Annie Sprinkle is a BIG supporter of this claim, stating that it makes semen ‘taste better’ so who are we to argue? If you’re not into your exotic fruits, take a look at these other oral sex foods that are believed to have an effect on how we taste below the waist.

Man with yellow vest pulled up and denim jeans on, with a pineapple stuffed down the jeans.

TOP TIP: Consume a large glass of fresh pineapple juice a few hours before going down on each other, then let your tongues and mouths take over for a new taste sensation.

3) Viscous Foods

Remember when I mentioned how things can get messy? Using viscous foods like honey and chocolate sauce have to be the best, although they are also the messiest foods in the world of sex play. Not only are they delicious and help to release those all important endorphins, but they also have that thick sticky consistency that’s perfect for pouring onto skin.

Get creative during foreplay by slathering your partner in your favourite chocolate spread and drawing patterns or dirty words in it with your tongue as you slowly lick it off them. Honey is perfect for dripping onto your partner's erogenous zones, you know those sensitive areas on your body…think ears, lips, neck, nipples, bottom thighs and if you’re a woman the all important clitoris. Take your time to sensually lick the honey off and you’ll have your partner begging for more. If you’re worried about the mess then why not try doing this outdoors? The kitchen worktop could also be a fun place to shake things up, and you can also experiment in some other rooms too!

Two fingers touching chocolate orange segments

TOP TIP: This is a perfect opportunity to experiment with temperature. Gently warm honey or chocolate sauce for a few minutes whilst rubbing an ice-cube down their chest or thigh. When the skin becomes sensitive, drizzle on some warm honey and quickly lick it off. The difference in temperatures will make for some mind blowing sensations.

4) Nyotaimori

This one is lots of fun and for the more adventurous amongst us as it involves eating sushi off of a naked body! It’s an ancient Japanese tradition that isn’t practiced much in today’s society, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try it in your own home. Okay, fish may not be the obvious choice for erotic food, but trust me when I say anything bitesized can become automatically sexy.

Order some sushi rolls and take it in turns to decorate your partner's body however you like, then watch them squirm in delight as you delicately taste and savour each bite. You could even lay a sushi trail to their genitals, the main course to your sexy feast!

Naked body of a woman covered in different types of sushi.

TOP TIP: For some extra excitement, blindfold your partner and use chopsticks to slowly feed them as you whisper EXACTLY what you want to do to them later. Limiting their sense of sight will heighten their other senses and enhance their sexual appetite.

5) Whipped Cream

This is another oldie but a goldie! Who doesn’t love whipped cream? Everything about it screams luxury, sensuality, and delicious sexiness! Squirty cream is perfect for making oral sex all the more tastier. Not only does it remind people of an ejaculating penis, but it’s easier to control and get that cream in all the right places.

Whether you spray a little on the top of your partner's clitoris or go crazy by covering their penis, be careful not to get any cream INSIDE the vagina or you’ll be needing a not so fun trip to the doctors.

Pealed banana with chocolate syrup and whipped cream on the tip.

TOP TIP: Include some mixed berries like strawberries and cherries. Spray some cream on your partner's nipples and dip a strawberry in it before taking a tantalizing bite. Leftover cherry stems? Challenge each other to tie a knot in the stem using nothing but your tongue for the ultimate kissing test!

Whether you think sex foods are HOT or a HOT MESS, there are many different ones that are a sure fire way to appease you and your partners appetites. If asking your partner to bring a full buffet to bed is a little daunting, then start small. These less messy edible underwear items are perfect for beginners. Whatever you end up choosing, just relax, have fun and don’t forget the baby wipes!