Sex is sweet but porn and Hollywood movies have sugarcoated the heck out of it. For that reason, there are a lot of people with skewed perceptions of what sex is supposed to look like.

Real sex looks, sounds, and even smells completely different from what you see on the big screen or on Bang Bros. It can be icky, frustrating, tiresome, embarrassing, less spontaneous and just plain awkward. Pornography’s sole purpose is to entertain; it’s not an accurate representation of real life sexual encounters, but a lot of people have a difficult time differentiating between the two.

That’s why we’re going to be brutally honest and tell you the unfiltered raw truth about sex.

Expectation #1: He’s going to give you mind blowing orgasms with his big dick.

Reality: We honestly need to have a talk with whoever said “bigger is better” because there are not many women who enjoy getting their insides rearranged. In fact, most women are fine with an average sized dick.

We don’t know any women who enjoy getting their cervixes hit. It’s uncomfortable and it hurts like hell. We love you Mandingo, but most men want to bang with their entire lengths, not just the tip or half of their dicks.

This is going to sound cliché, but it’s not about the size of the ship, it’s about the motion of the ocean. Not every woman wants to be “destroyed” by a big dick like how you see in the porn titles. A “normal” sized dick can get the job done just fine.

Expectation #2: You’ll make out for a bit, then BOOM – head straight to pound town.

Reality: It doesn’t take much for a guy to get hard. Just sit on his lap naked and he’ll be ready to go in minutes. Women, on the other hand, need foreplay and LOTS of it.

There is an imbalance between foreplay and penetration in most porn films, with the latter being the main act. Often in porn, we see women “orgasming” from penetration but if you really want to snatch her soul, you need to stimulate her clit and other sensitive parts of her body. In essence, women need to be touched, kissed, licked, and sucked all over before you even think about sticking your dick in there. Sex can be dry and painful for a woman if you don’t take the time to properly warm her up first.

Obviously, there are some exceptions to the rule, but for the most part, try giving her a massage or licking her pussy for a while before you move on to penetration. She’ll thank you for it.

Expectation #3: You’ll be screwing every waking hour of the day.

Clothes thrown on the floor with the naked legs of a man and a woman coming out of a closet.

Reality: Maybe this is true for newlyweds or couples just moving in for the first time but it’s just not realistic for people who want to have functional lives outside of their relationships.

While juggling factors like work, kids, hobbies, rest, and other life responsibilities, there is just not enough time, so a dick appointment may be necessary!

Expectation #4: You’ll drill her nonstop like a jackrabbit before cumming.

Reality: Studies have shown that most men last only 5.4 minutes before cumming. There is a lot of background work and editing that helps your favorite porn star to pound for thirty minutes.

Of course, there are some stallions out there with battery powered cocks that can go for 10 minutes or more without blowing their load. Kudos to them but ejaculation varies on an individual basis.

Expectation #5: You two will look like supermodels out of a magazine.

Topless body of a fit man wearing blue jeans with a woman's hands touching his abs from behind and her leg raised on his side

Reality: We don’t mean to pop anyone’s bubbles, but real sex is not perfect. Porn stars are working when they’re on set and no one likes to go to work looking scruffy.

Everyone has imperfections; no one is going to have ALL their ducks in a row every time they have sex. Maybe your hair is greasy because you’ve had a long week and couldn’t be bothered to wash it. Maybe you prefer to have a shaved pussy but this time, you have a little rain forest growing down there. Heck, you may even have a pimple on your left ass cheek.

Every woman doesn’t have Pamela Anderson tits and every man doesn’t have a cock specially crafted by Zeus himself. Great sex is when two people can have a good time while still appreciating these tiny imperfections.

Expectation #6: Immaculate sex with no accidents or gross smells.

Reality: Sex can be kind of dirty. You are swapping body fluids with someone after all.

Intense pounding can cause heavy sweating. You might hear a pussy fart every now and then. Perhaps, a real fart might slip out in the heat of the moment!

Some women don’t mind getting dirty on their periods. She may vomit on your dick while deepthroating you and may the force be with you if you guys do anal without a bit of prep work!

Expectation #7: You’ll try every position in the book.

Reality: Don’t let porn or the Kama Sutra fool you. We don’t want you two to hurt yourselves while trying to contort your bodies like pretzels.

It’s good to experiment and try new things, but some positions are ridiculous and not worth the effort.

Do you know how hard it is to pound someone while lifting them against a wall? Real sex involves realistic positions. You don’t need to hang from the chandelier or shower rod to enjoy sex.

Expectation #8: You’ll cuddle and fall asleep as soon as you’re done.

Female body wearing black underwear lying in a bed with white sheets with a male body lying directly behind her, hugging.

Reality: Unless you want to get a painful urinary tract infection, you should pee right after sex to flush the bacteria out. It’s not a must, but it doesn’t hurt to do it.

It’s not fun, but the post sex cuddles can wait because you know what else is not fun? A raging UTI.

The bottom line is that while sex may be fun, it’s not all peaches and roses, but that’s the beauty of it. It’s not supposed to replicate a scene from a movie, and you’ve probably realised that a sex session is unlikely to be like a scene from a porn shoot!

So let go of all your inhibitions, drop your expectations and just make sure to have a good time!