OneNightFriend is an online dating platform created for people seeking short-term and enjoyable connections. While users may have diverse preferences, the platform primarily aims at those seeking casual hookups and one-night stands as their main goal.

The platform features a simple interface with minimal details, offering a couple of appealing features and diverse advanced search filters. Navigating the main homepage is straightforward, with the search button and like gallery positioned at the top left and your inbox, notifications, and profile page on the right.

Regarding pricing, the site offers a free registration option and stands out by providing flexible choices, including daily or weekly memberships, which is a nice change from platforms that often push for long-term commitments. This flexibility accommodates users with various preferences and needs, as not everyone can afford long-term subscriptions. But is it worth it? That's what we'll dig into in our in-depth Onenightfriend review.

We will dive into the registration process, explore the full spectrum of features, break down the costs, and look at various other aspects of the site. If you're contemplating whether this site suits you, we recommend reading our thorough review below.

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  • Free Sign Up
  • Free Members can start 5 chats for free (1 message per chat)
  • Advanced search filters
  • Unlimited free likes
  • Mobile Version available


  • Need to upgrade to see full profiles
  • Free members can’t view messages they receive
  • Lack of customer support
  • Optional Verification
  • Fake profiles

What Type Of Dating Site Is OneNightFriend?

onenightfriend dating site homepage

The site is ideal for people looking for:

  • Hookups
  • Meetups
  • One night stands

Who Is For?

On the platform, you can find the following sexual orientations:

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Bisexual

Stats & Infographics

Male - Female Ratio

onenightfriend dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics

onenightfriend dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution

onenightfriend dating site stats and infographics country distribution

Registration Process

Registering on OneNightFriend is a straightforward and free process that can be completed in just a few minutes. To begin the registration, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Your gender and preferred gender
  • Age
  • Location
  • Email
  • Password
onenightfriend dating site registration process

After entering all the required information, it's crucial to read and agree to the terms and conditions by checking the designated box and then clicking 'Sign up.' Once registered, OneNightFriend will send you a link to verify your email address. Simply click on it, and you're good to go.

After registering, you can access your profile by clicking the face icon in the top right corner. On this page, you can edit/add:

  • Your screen name
  • Age
  • Photos
  • Status
  • What you're looking for
  • Additional info (such as eye color, education, drinking and smoking habits, weight, etc.)
  • Personal information (such as orientation, hair color, ethnicity, etc.)
onenightfriend dating site profile completion

App & Mobile Compatibility

The site provides a mobile app for both Android and iOS users. The app's functionality, mirroring that of the one-night friend web version, ensures a stress-free experience while on the move. We encountered no issues during our usage, and the app operated smoothly without any bugs.

Men Vs Women

The sign-up process for women follows the same steps, but it seems that women are automatically given a full membership upon signing up, with the condition of uploading a photo. After completing this step, women have the ability to message men for free.



onenightfriend dating site flirtcast feature

A convenient feature that OneNight Friend offers allows users to select from various flirty text messages to send to multiple users simultaneously with a single click. This tool is particularly useful for breaking the ice when initiating conversations and saves you time by reaching out to multiple users at once.

Like Gallery

onenightfriend dating site like gallery feature

The 'like gallery' feature provides a swipe-like mechanism, presenting profiles for you to either 'like' or 'pass.' It then categorises the profiles into those who have liked you and complete matches where mutual interest has been expressed. It is an effective tool for keeping track of individuals you are interested in and identifying those who may share a mutual interest in you, making it a much more convenient way to manage connections on the platform.

Promote My Account

onenightfriend dating site promote my account feature

The 'Promote My Account' feature simplifies the matchmaking process even when you're offline. It automatically sends promotional messages, expresses interest in potential matches, and adds them to your favorites list, all on your behalf. This feature saves you time by handling the search process, making the overall experience much more convenient.

Safe Mode

onenightfriend dating site safe mode feature

Safe mode is a valuable feature within your settings that allows you to choose whether all members, only those not marked as suspicious, or only verified members can contact you. This tool enhances your safety by providing options to control who can reach out to you, thereby increasing the likelihood of interacting with genuine individuals.

Offers, Prices & Costs

Signing up for OneNightFriend. com is entirely free, and as a free member, you can browse profiles, initiate up to 5 conversations by sending one message each, and send likes without any charges. However, a subscription purchase is required to access features such as viewing full profiles, having unlimited messages, utilising extended searches, and receiving premium support. They provide 4 options:

  • 1 Day - $0.99 per day
  • 1 Week - $0.89 per day
  • 1 Month - $1.39 per day
  • 3 Months - $0.69 per day

It's important to be aware that after your 1-day, 1-week, or 1-month trial period ends, your subscription will renew automatically, and you will be charged a fee of $38.99 per month unless you choose to cancel. Additionally, for those selecting the 3-month membership, it will automatically renew at $57.99 for the subsequent 3 months.

Additionally, there are extra perks that can be obtained by purchasing one of the following packages:

Chataholic - $0.64 per day

Perks: Top in messenger, higher in search, get read receipt, get seen by 5x more people.

Extra Benefits - $0.45 per day

Perks: Premium support, browse incognito, and auto history cleaning.

Premium Dater - $0.95 per day

Perks: Both 'chataholic' and 'extra benefits' perks together.

Safety & Security

The platform makes an effort to keep its members safe by offering tools like the safe mode and providing safety tips on their site. However, similar to most online platforms, there are a few security issues that we came across, including:

Fake Profiles

Distinguishing between genuine and non-genuine users on the site is challenging, primarily due to the absence of a mandatory verification process, which attracts many fake profiles. Additionally, while they state that anyone above the age of 18 can sign up, the lack of a requirement for proof of identification raises concerns. It makes us wonder how the platform determines the age eligibility of users, especially for those under 18, without the need for verification, and this doesn't sit well with us. Lastly, the optional verification process is easily bypassed, requiring only a phone call to receive a code via text or phone call. This means that anyone with an active phone number can complete the verification, potentially raising concerns about the effectiveness of the process.

onenightfriend dating site safety policy

Using Your Content For Their Own Purposes

In their terms of use, they state that they reserve the right to use any of your content, including photos, for advertising purposes or publicity. This raised concerns for us as it implies that they might use our images on other sites to attract new members. While you can contact them to express your preference against this, it still feels unsettling. Many users may not thoroughly read the terms of use when signing up and the idea of the platform using your content for advertising elsewhere.


OneNightFriend is a decent choice if you prioritise a straightforward and uncomplicated site for your online dating experience. The ease of use is a definite advantage. However, regarding value and available features, it definitely isn't our top choice. The offering of small subscriptions is a plus, especially for those testing the waters or working within a budget. It allows you to try before committing to a more extended membership.

Our overall experience was hassle-free, and the option to use the OneNightFriend app added convenience for staying connected on the go – a feature not always provided by competitors. However, the negatives outweigh the positives. Notable issues include the lack of readily available customer support, the basic and optional nature of the verification process, and a significant red flag for us was the flood of messages in our inbox from young women, even before we added a picture or completed our profile – a situation that made no sense to us. It seemed like it could have been part of a OneNightFriend scam. The combination of these factors raised numerous concerns and created an overall discomfort with the idea of spending money on the site.

So, considering the above and from our experiences with various other online dating platforms, we believe there are better options for those seeking short-term relationships. However, if you're still inclined to try the site, we recommend it mainly just for flirty chats and a bit of entertainment and not much beyond that.

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  • Opt for short-term subscriptions, such as the 1-day or 1-week membership. Test the waters and assess whether the site fits your needs before committing to a longer-term subscription.
  • Pay attention to users who messaged you before and after you add a photo. This approach may help distinguish between genuine and fake profiles, as real people often hesitate to message a profile without a photo.
  • Stick to verified users, and we recommend using safe mode to ensure only verified members can contact you. This will help prevent being tempted to speak to an unverified user just because he/she looks good.


What Is One Night Friend?

OneNightFriend is an online dating site that serves as a platform for individuals seeking one-night stands, casual hookups, and short-term connections.

How To Delete One Night Friend Account?

To delete your onenightfriend account, follow these steps:

  1. Head to 'Settings'.
  2. Enter your password to cancel repeat billing.
  3. Choose 'Remove my profile, contacts, and personal information altogether.
  4. Confirm the reason for deletion.
  5. Confirm you still want to delete your account.

Is One Night Friend Legit?

Yes, the site is legitimate; however, like many online dating platforms, it attracts a notable number of fake profiles or what seems to be one-night friend bots. A strong verification process is needed to contribute to this issue.

How Do I Verify My Profile?

In order to get verified and boost your profile, you will be required to contact them at 1 (800) 804-8624.

How To Contact OneNightFriend Customer Service?

You can visit the 'get support' section through your profile icon if you need assistance. You can contact them at 1(800)804-8624 if this isn't sufficient.

How To Cancel OneNightFriend Repeat Billing?

To cancel your repeat billing, follow these steps:

  1. Head to 'Settings' under your profile avatar.
  2. Click 'Billing History'.
  3. Select 'Deactivate subscription'.
  4. Follow further instructions.