FriendFinderX is much more than just a dating site; it's also a mix of an NSFW social media platform, a blog, and a cam site, all rolled into one. You can use the site to find someone for casual encounters, watch steamy videos, and learn more about your niche interests. Launched in 1996, the site will soon be 3 decades old.

This FriendFinder-X review will explore who the site is for, how to sign up and log in, and some pros and cons. The best features and any safety concerns and costs associated with using the site will also be looked at. Any differences between men's and women's treatment and how to best use the dating website on your mobile will be discussed. Finally, we'll give some expert tips, answer some FAQs, and give you our final verdict in the conclusion.

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  • There are tons of interesting features to explore.
  • Detailed profiles.
  • Great community vibe.
  • Real people and an active community.


  • Everything costs money.
  • Free profiles are very limited.
  • There's no Friend Finder X app available.
  • Gold membership is expensive.
  • Huge number of features can be overwhelming and difficult to navigate at first.

What Type Of Dating Site Is

The adult dating website FriendFinderX's homepage featuring a sexy brunette biting her lips.
  • Hookups
  • Casual dating
  • Chatting
  • Watch videos or broadcast yourself being naughty

Your experience on FriendFinderX is what you make of it, but most people on the site seem to be looking for casual sex and hookups. It's not the best option if you're looking for a serious relationship.

Who Is Friend Finder-X For?

  • Straight
  • Gay/lesbian
  • Bi
  • Transgender
  • Couple

The site is open to any combination of genders and is LGBTQ-friendly. It is a welcoming space for all, although it currently has mostly cisgender folks as a user base.

Stats & Infographics

Male - Female Ratio

friendfinder x dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics

friendfinder x dating site stats and infographics age demogrphics

Country Distribution

friendfinder x dating site stats and infographics country distribution

FriendFinder-x is incredibly popular in the US and Europe, with the rest of the world only compromising a fifth of the user base. As is the case on many dating sites, men outnumber women, although the ratio is 3:1 here.

Login Process

You're encouraged to join from the homepage by clicking the all-caps "JOIN NOW!" button. This will start the five-page-long registration process. The first page involves your gender and the gender of the person or people you seek. Page 2 asks for your age and location, and page 3 asks for your email address, username, and password.

FriendFinder-X registration process and included sections.

Page 4 has some basic information about yourself, including your marital status, sexual orientation, body type, and race. The fifth and final page requires you to write an introductory title and your profile and optionally write a short paragraph about yourself. If you need some assistance or don't know what to write, the site helpfully provides some ideas and even an instant writer where you merely fill in the gaps of a pre-written form.

FriendFinder-X registration process and included sections.

You'll need to activate your account by clicking the link sent to your email address, but you don't need to do this immediately. After clicking the link, you're prompted to add photos to your profile page, but you can also skip this step or do it later.

FriendFinderX pop up for account activation via email and photo upload.

Fully completing your profile will take some time because there's a lot to do. First, the basic profile section asks you to write a little about yourself and your ideal partner. The Profile Location page has space for information on your current location, your location if you're traveling, and where your hometown is. You'll then enter your physical information – your eye and hair color, height, body type, etc.

FriendFinder X profile completion sections. User related personal questions and information.

Next is some personal background information. This has basic info, including:

  • Sexual orientation
  • Smoking, drinking, and drug habits
  • Occupation
  • Whether you have children and whether you want more
  • What languages you speak
FriendFinder X profile completion sections. User related personal questions and information.

This is followed by your personality type, which takes you to a quiz. The quiz gives you your Myers Briggs personality type as a result, which looks like a combination of letters (INTJ-ESFP). There'll be a short explanation of your result as well, and you can choose to display your result on your profile page or not. Finally, you can add and manage photos and videos and verify your identity to get to 100% profile completion.

FriendFinder X personality and acount completion percentage sections.

Once you've created your profile, logging out and back in is as easy as pie. Log out by clicking on your profile picture in the top right corner and clicking "Log Out", and log back in by clicking the "Log In" button in the top right corner of the home page. You'll need to enter your Friend Finder X login details, which refers to your username and password, and you'll be back on the site in no time.

App & Mobile Compatibility

Unfortunately, there is no FriendFinder X app currently available. It's a pity because a mobile app allows you to use the site on the go. However, a mobile site that is optimized for other devices is available. One big downside of a site that has so many features is that it's difficult to condense all those features to fit a smaller screen.

Two different pages of the adult dating site friend finder x on a mobile version.

They've done a great job providing most of the same features; it could be difficult to navigate if you're less tech-savvy though. There's less screen space, so often, words are replaced with icons, and it can be challenging to decipher what each icon means. All the features are still available, and you may just need to search for them.

Men Vs Women

On FriendFinder/, men and women have identical experiences regarding registration, the cost of premium features, and using the rest of the site's features. Neither gender needs to give more information than the other, add more photos, nor pay extra for any features.

The only real difference is that female profiles may get more attention than male ones, which is common on dating sites nowadays. Especially on sites where the gender ratio is strongly skewed towards men as it is here.


Activity Feed

On the homepage of FriendFinder, once you're logged in, you will see an activity feed of what other site users are doing/uploading. This is a great community aspect of the site because it allows folks to like and comment on other people's photos and activities. This makes the whole dating site feel more interactive, like a social media platform and can be a nice ego boost when you get likes on your photos.

The global member activity and posts of friendfinderx users as well as comments.

Because this activity feed also shows when people are broadcasting live, it features quite a lot of nudity and is, therefore, NSFW. The activity feed allows you to stay connected with your friends on the site and see when they are active. You will also be able to connect with new folks through it.

Community Tab – Contests, Bling, Blogs, & More

The community tab is what really sets FriendFinderX apart from other online dating sites. Here, you'll find all sorts of collaborative features that allow you to connect with other people on the site, even if you're not attempting to date them. These include things like blogs where you can write posts and get or give dating advice, monthly photo contests to vote in or enter, and an erotic stories section.

Community contest winners and blog erotic stories on the adult dating website FriendFinder-X.

You can also create and add Bling to your profile. Bling is little GIFs or images that can add personality and flair to your profile. You can purchase Bling from the creators or sell them for points if you are the creator. Finally, there's a Sex Academy section, which contains short courses to help you improve your skills on everything from how to safely engage in anal to how to turn your partner on and how to improve your seduction skills in general.

Sex academy section on FriendFinder X featuring recent billing and courses.

Hot or Not

A feature that echoes a recent online dating revolution is the ability to swipe through profiles. On FriendFinder-X, this is called Hot or Not, where you can see someone's username and profile picture. You will be asked to indicate whether they are hot or not. If you say they're not hot, nothing will happen. If you click the hot button, the person gets added to your Hotlist.

While this is a superficial way to choose potential matches, there is something about swiping through profiles that is almost addictive. You can use this to create a shortlist of profiles you're interested in, check them out more closely, and then take things further.

Hot or not game feature on the dating site FriendFinderX featuring a man in calvin klein boxers.

Video Streams

Adult Friend Finder X has both model and member live streams going at any time of the day. These video streams are mostly NSFW and feature FriendFinder X girls or men playing with themselves or a partner. You can view one member video daily for free, but you can watch extra videos using points. If you have a gold membership, you can view unlimited member videos per day. All public model videos can be viewed for free.

Viewers can tip member performers using points and tip model performers using tokens. The tokens can also be used to 'Buzz Tip' the models, which sends a vibration directly to the sex toy they are using. Tokens are available to purchase – these are different from Points that you can earn for free while using the site.

Live video streams on the adult website friendfinderx displaying sexy women.

Offers, Prices & Costs

Subscription Package – Gold Membership

FriendFinderX works on a subscription model called Gold Membership, which is available for different periods. Some perks that are included:

  • See people's full profiles, including all their photos.
  • View unlimited member videos daily.
  • Full access to the Sex Academy.
  • Ability to message others with Messaging and Instant Messaging.

So, how much is FriendFinderX? Gold Membership costs:

  • 1 Month: $39.95
  • 3 Months: $26.95 per month ($80.85 will be charged upfront)
  • 12 Months: $19.95 per month ($239.40 charged upfront)
Gold membership dollar prices and packages for the dating site Friend Finder X.

This will automatically renew for the same period and at the same cost at the end of your chosen period. You can disable this by deactivating autorenewal in your profile settings.


Standard Contacts

While Gold Membership allows you to access anyone else's profiles and message them, only fellow Gold Members will be able to message you back. FriendFinderX creates a way around this: the Standard Contacts add-on. This add-on will allow free members to view your profile, reach out to you, and reply to your messages. The price varies based on the period you'd like to purchase:

  • 1 Month: $24.95
  • 3 Months: $35.85
Gold membership prices and packages for the dating site Friend Finder X.

Change Gender

In an unusual move, adult Friend Finder X allows you to change your gender after creating your profile – but at a cost. You can change from any of the offered genders to any different gender (including if you're now in a couple or a member of a group). Something important to note is that you'll need to do ConfirmID to make this change, and your 'new' gender must match the gender of your identity document. This change costs $9.90.

Select your new profile gender section on the adult dating site FrienFinderX.


You can also highlight your profile on the site for a fee. Highlighting your profile will place a colourful border on it in search results and other users inboxes, which will help you stand out. This is available for 1 month or 3 months. It's an excellent way to get more attention if you are not getting noticed.

Search highlight feature prices and packages for the dating site Friend Finder X.

Points / Token Package

Points are used to send other members virtual gifts, view members' video streams, and tip performers on video streams. Points can be earned for free by generally using the site, for example, adding photos and videos, making status updates, liking and commenting on blog posts, etc. You can also purchase extra points:

  • 200 Points: $3.00
  • 500 Points: $6.00
  • 1000 Points: $10.00
Three packages and prices to get point on the dating site FriendFinderX.

You can also redeem points for certain rewards. Some of these rewards can include:

  • View profiles (100 points/profile)
  • One-month Gold Membership (4400 points)
  • Read Receipts (50 points/message)
  • Host Private Chat Rooms for 1 month (1100 points)
  • Receive real-life cash ($500 for 250 000 points; $2000 for 1 million points)
Get cash for points and redeem points section in FriendFinderX.

Tokens are used on the model video site to either tip the performers, spin a wheel to make the performers do a certain action or have a private show. Tokens cost:

  • 200 Tokens: $3
  • 500 Tokens: $6
  • 1000 Tokens: $10

These are incredibly expensive and can be spent very quickly and easily, so if you're on a tight budget, it might be better to skip this purchase.

Four token packages and prices for friend finder x.

Safety & Security

Photo & Profile Moderation

As a first line of defense, any photos you add to the site must first be reviewed by the moderation team. This is a great way to prevent people from using photos of other people or celebrities because they can be stopped before even being posted.

It is particularly helpful because people who use fake photos are often up to no good; they may be underage or attempt to scam people. This is also a way for FriendFinderX to ensure that their photo guidelines are being followed, as well as the rest of the terms of service. This helps to keep FriendFinder X legit.

Photo Cards & Confirm ID

Catfish and scammers are a big risk on most dating websites, and Friend Finder X offers two ways to confirm your identity and prove that you are legitimate. The first way to do this is with a Photo Card. This involves taking a photo of yourself with your username visible somewhere in the photo. Naturally, this must be physically in the picture and not digitally edited in. You can write it on a piece of paper or your body parts and get creative with it.

Account verification example pictures of five friendfinderx users holding up a white paper.

The second way is to confirm your ID by uploading a copy of your government-issued ID, such as your passport, driver's license, or other photo ID. You cannot block out any information on the documents; this is an excellent way to tell who is real on FriendFinderX. This also ensures that you're speaking to someone who truly is the person they claim to be. You're incentivized to do the step with a 500-point bonus after confirming your ID.

Get confirmed and earn extra 500 points section on friendfinderx.

Privacy Policy & Terms Of Use has a seemingly robust and secure Privacy Policy and Terms of Use document that does not contain any cause for alarm. There is no evidence of fake, site-run profiles, and while there is some third-party involvement, these are necessary to run the site. For example, the payments are handled by a third-party service provider.

Another standard clause is that you give FriendFinderX the rights to any media you upload to the site, meaning that they reserve the right to use your photos or videos as marketing material in the future. They do not need to pay you royalties for this. While this sounds a little alarming, it is a common clause that all dating sites include and is a good thing to be aware of.


FriendFinder-X has a lot of features available, which can make it difficult to find your feet at first. Once you get the hang of it, this is an excellent benefit to using the site. There are articles and blog posts to read and an activity feed to show you who's online and active. You can also watch live streams when you're feeling frisky and use the sex academy to teach you new skills or help you perfect existing ones.

Gold Membership is expensive but is necessary if you want to communicate with other members. So, if you're looking for a date or IRL meetup, Friend Finder X is worth a try if you've got the budget for it. And even if it's out of your budget right now, it's still worth creating a free profile and exploring all the available free content.

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  • Earn easy points for free by completing your profile and interacting with folk's blogs and activity feeds.
  • The site is very NSFW – but you can toggle the nudity on/off. Hover over your profile picture in the top right corner to see or hide the FriendFinder-X nudes.
  • When completing your profile, you need to finish every question. Selecting "Prefer not to say" will render that profile section incomplete.
  • If you create Bling, other users can download it to use on their profiles, earning you easy free points.
  • A Friend Finder X hack: Gain once-off free access to the Sex Academy by using the link from your profile page near the bottom of the page.


How To Succeed On FriendFinder X?

Add some good-quality photos to your profile, and make sure to complete your profile to help show other members that you're taking it seriously. You'll also need to purchase a Gold Membership if you want to communicate with others, which is necessary for success.

Is Friend Finder X Legit?

The profiles are mostly real, and therefore, there is a real chance of meeting someone from the site. For those reasons, we'd say it's legit.

How To Delete Profile On FriendFinderX?

Hover over your profile picture and click on 'My Account,' then scroll down to the Manage My Account section, and you'll see 'Close Account.' You'll confirm that you want to delete your profile, enter your password, and you're done.

How To Match With People On Friend Finder-X?

You can add people as friends, send a flirt, and add them to your Hot List to let them know you're interested in them. But there's no other matching feature.

How Much Is FriendFinder X?

A subscription costs anything from $19.95 per month to $39.95, and there are several add-ons that you can also purchase.

Why Can't I See Anyone's Profile On FriendFinder X?

Only Gold Members can see other people's profiles, so you'll have to upgrade if you're a free member. Contact customer support for further assistance if you're a Gold Member and can't see any profiles.