BeNaughty is an adult dating site that aims to help singles find casual encounters, and flings. You can also find friendship and long-term relationships on BeNaughty, but given the site’s name, sexual enjoyment is what's it's about. It is used by millions of people as well, giving you a wide variety of options to choose from. The site is also available all over the world, which is the best part since it allows you to connect with singles who live near you.

In this review, we will examine BeNaughty from top to bottom. We'll cover the site’s registration process, best features, pricing, security, and anything else you need to know. By the end of this review, you will have all the information you need to decide whether is the right adult dating site for you.

Pros & Cons


  • BeNaughty connects you with people nearby (This will be useful if you’re seeking a hookup)
  • Despite not having an app, the site is mobile-friendly
  • Features that enhance privacy and security (Automatic history cleaning, incognito browsing, and full HTTPS encryption)
  • Affordable prices
  • If you don't find someone within the first three months of signing up, you get three days of free access to other dating sites


  • Different pricing structures for men and women
  • Deceptive tactics that target men (It is evident to us that BeNaughty implements strategies designed to get males to spend more money)
  • It is mainly open to singles and people who are separated from their partners

What Type Of Dating Site Is BeNaughty?

The homepage of the BeNaughty dating website. A hot brunette with red lipstick, devil's ears, and a tail is featured.

BeNaughty supports a number of relationships, but hookups, casual fun, and sexting are undoubtedly what the majority of users seek. You can also join BeNaughty if you’re looking for:

  • Friendships
  • Serious Relationships
  • Chatting

Who Is BeNaughty For?

There are a few things that you should keep in mind before creating an account on BeNaughty. Firstly, it is an adult dating site, so all members must be at least 18 years old. Secondly, even though it is a site that encourages naughty behaviour, BeNaughty is only open to people who are single or separated from their partners. If you’re married and looking for a secret affair, BeNaughty would not be the best fit for you. Lastly, convicted felons and sex offenders are not permitted to join BeNaughty. In terms of sexual orientation, BeNaughty welcomes:

  • Heterosexual Relationships
  • Gay Relationships
  • Lesbian Relationships

Stats & Infographics

BeNaughty has a diverse member base of people from all walks of life. Here are a few statistics that may be of interest to you: 

Male - Female Ratio

BeNaughty dating sites statistics and infographics demonstrating the ratio of men to women

Age Demographics

Age demographics for the dating site BeNaughty.

Country Distribution

BeNaughty dating site stats and infographics country distribution 

Registration Process

Creating an account on won’t inconvenience you or cost you any money. It is a fairly easy and straightforward process. You are asked to state your gender and the gender you’re looking for. You can be heterosexual and looking for someone of the opposite gender, or gay or lesbian and looking for someone of the same gender. You are also required to provide your age and location.

In order to register, you must be at least 18 years old and no older than 78 years old. BeNaughty already knows your location when you sign up, so that section will be pre-filled. Lastly, you are required to provide an email address and create a password. Please keep in mind that (a) you must have access to the email address you provide because BeNaughty will use that email to validate your account, and (b) your password must be at least six characters in length.

The BeNaughty adult dating website's free signup box process.

Once you’ve completed the steps mentioned above, you will have to confirm your BeNaughty account via email. Log into your email address and look for an email from BeNaughty. Check your junk or spam folder if you don't see it. The subject will read: “Action required: Please confirm your email!” Use the four-digit activation code or click the "Confirm Email" button to confirm your account.

'Please confirm your email' automated text for the adult dating site BeNaughty.

You will have access to the site once you’ve confirmed your email and uploaded a profile picture. Feel free to begin communicating with other members, but we advise you to complete your profile in its entirety first. This will take at least 5 minutes, but it will make your profile more appealing to other users, thus drawing more matches. To complete your profile, you must upload a photo that adheres to BeNaughty’s photo guidelines. Your photo will be rejected if it contains:

anyone under the age of 18

  1. celebrities or copyright infringement
  2. no people
  3. anyone other than you or group photos
  4. violence, drugs, death, weapons
  5. offensive gestures
  6. a different gender
  7. personal details

Additionally, you will have the chance to provide details about yourself on your profile. You can elaborate on your personal appearance, beliefs, habits, and many others. You are also allowed to briefly describe the type of person you’re looking for. Furthermore, you can post status updates on your profile. They can’t be more than 140 characters long, and there are restrictions on what you can post there. For example, you cannot use your status to solicit sex workers, post contact details, or post links to other sites. Ideally, you should use this section to share what you’re doing or thinking about at the moment. 

BeNaughty's profile page. Users can update their personal information and add pictures.

App & Mobile Compatibility

Unfortunately, there is no official BeNaughty app, but you can log into the website using your mobile browser. It works just as it would on a desktop computer, if not better. It has all the features of a mobile-friendly website. The colours are sharp and vibrant. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. The words are easier to read, and the pages load rather quickly.

We believe that using the mobile version of the site makes more sense because it is more user-friendly and convenient. It would be extremely handy for people who are constantly on the go or who do not enjoy sitting in front of a computer all day. You should be good to go once your push, email, and SMS notifications are enabled.

Men Vs Women

Before we compare the experiences of men and women on BeNaughty, we want to point out one important detail. After signing up, BeNaughty will only display profiles that match the gender you’re looking for. For example, if you’re a man looking for a woman, you will only be able to search for and view female profiles. Similarly, if you’re a woman looking for another woman, you will only be able to search for and view female profiles. Evidently, this difference is dependent on sexual orientation rather than gender.

When it comes to gender, the difference between men and women is striking. Even though BeNaughty is a dating site for men and women, it is clear to us which gender they’re attempting to appeal to – men. It appears that their primary goal is to convert their male members into paying customers.

As a man, you will immediately receive messages from female members right after signing up. This struck us as odd because the likelihood of potential matches contacting you right after sign-up is quite low. Why would they? At that point, your profile is blank, with no personal details or photo. There’s no reason for anyone to be interested. It’s just too good to be true. We believe this is done purposefully because BeNaughty wants their male members to believe there are interested matches who want to talk to them. This pushes them to upgrade their membership because you must pay to chat. On the other hand, the only message women receive after signing up is a warm welcome from the site’s administrator.

The dating site BeNaughty's chat function highlighting a user's message.

Furthermore, the membership fees, discounts, offers, and features are much different for male members. Men pay higher membership fees that are billed monthly, but new members have access to discounted introductory offers and three-day trials. These introductory offers might range from 30% off to 50% off. Additionally, BeNaughty persistently messages their new male members about these offers via instant messaging and email. In contrast, women have significantly lower membership fees that are billed on a daily basis, but they do not have access to three-day trials. 

A site administrator sending out chat messages for discounts on the BeNaughty dating website.

It also appears that men and women have access to different features. Male members who upgrade their accounts will receive access to larger photos, unlimited chat messages, looking for details, extended search results, and premium support. However, women who upgrade their accounts will have full HTTPS encryption, incognito browsing, auto history cleaning, read receipts, priority messages, and more visibility in the search results. Women can also chat for free, while men are only able to send five free introductory messages a day. These can either be text or photo messages. 


A red heart icon.Flirtcasts

Shoot your flirtcast feature on the adult dating site BeNaughty.

This BeNaughty feature allows you to send short introductory messages to multiple members at once. These messages can have a flirty or casual tone. If you feel flirty, try sending a pick-up line as your flirtcast. If you want to keep things simple and casual, break the ice by introducing yourself. It’s all up to you and the image you wish to portray. If you don't want to customise your flirtcasts, BeNaughty has pre-written messages that you can use instead. However, we suggest that you create your own flirtcasts because your special touch adds character and flavour to your messages. 

In the event that you do decide to personalise your messages, please be aware that BeNaughty reserves the right to monitor and modify them. They will not inform you if your message has been changed. This is done to prevent members from disclosing personal contact information or sending messages containing threatening, abusive, or misleading content.

We believe that you can have a lot of fun using flirtcasts because they expand your reach. Typically, when people use sites like BeNaughty, they are very excited and want to talk to as many people as they can. However, manually reaching out to multiple people at once can be tedious, especially if you’re a busy person. Flirtcasts help you do just that, while taking care of the hard work for you. With flirtcasts, the possibilities are unlimited because you never know who will respond to you. Flirtcasts are also one of the few features that you don’t have to pay for, so you can experiment with them as much as you like. 

A red incognito symbol. A red anonymous icon.Incognito Browsing

If you upgrade your membership, you can browse BeNaughty in incognito mode. This means that you will be able to anonymously view the profiles of other members. We think this feature would be useful to people who prefer keeping a low profile for different reasons. Some people are well-known in their communities and cannot risk being caught on a site like BeNaughty. Others must maintain discretion because of their high-profile careers. Some people are just plain shy!

These people would rather admire a person’s profile from a safe distance until they build the confidence to reach out and say hi. However, there is a limit to how many times this may be done before it appears strange to the other party. Some people want to comfortably view another person’s profile as many times as they want without being thought of as a creep. In all the aforementioned scenarios, incognito browsing would be beneficial because it allows you to experience the site as if you were a private user.

Icon for the Auto History Cleaning feature. A red clock with arrows going around it.Auto History Cleaning

This BeNaughty feature will automatically clean your search history as you use the site. We imagine that this feature would be quite handy for people who might log into BeNaughty on multiple devices, especially devices that don’t belong to them. Assume you use a library computer to access BeNaughty and forget to sign out before leaving. The person who uses that same computer after you will be able to see all the profiles you interacted with while you were logged in. Well, that’s if you don’t have auto history cleaning enabled. It’s really just an added layer of security that will erase your digital footprint – something that you might want to do when using adult sites like BeNaughty.

a red pin symbol.Top In Messenger

It’s safe to conclude that most of the people using BeNaughty aren’t looking for anything serious. BeNaughty is mainly for people seeking fun, hookups, and casual encounters. Hookup culture typically places emphasis on quantity over quality. Because the focus is not on a long-term commitment, no one is compelled to be exclusive with anyone. As a result, it is to be expected that many messages and flirtcasts are being sent on a daily basis.

The point we're trying to make is that if you find someone attractive, chances are someone else does as well. Don’t ever assume that you’re the only person someone is communicating with. People are there to be naughty, not committed. For that reason, you might want to take advantage of this feature. Your messages will be placed at the top of your match’s messenger. It is logical to presume that this function also minimises delay time because they will not have to go through a large number of messages to find yours.

a red graph line going up.Higher In Search Results

Being a well-known adult and dating website, BeNaughty naturally has a large member base. While the saying “the more, the merrier” is true, this makes it harder for others to find your profile because there are so many options to choose from. Depending on where you live, this may be a significant issue. In small to medium-sized areas, it may not matter much, but in large cities like London and New York, this may harm your chances of finding a hookup.

Nonetheless, there is no cause for alarm because this hiccup can be easily avoided with this BeNaughty feature. As its name states, it will increase your profile’s visibility in the search results. It is only available to paid members, but we think it’s worth the price because you don’t want to risk your profile going unnoticed, especially if you live in a large city. You want as many eyes as possible on your profile since this increases the likelihood that your ideal match will find you.

Two red double ticks, one on top of the other.Read Receipts

A grey checkbox allowing the user to get read receipt of all messages.

You won’t ever have to second guess whether someone has read your message or not because BeNaughty has read receipts. This feature is only available to paid members, but it might be worth the upgrade depending on how important timely responses are to you. It can be difficult to know whether someone is ignoring you on purpose or if they simply haven't noticed your message yet. Something as trivial as this can be a source of anxiety for many daters. Read receipts can give you peace of mind. At the end of the day, if you’re left on read, it is reasonable to conclude that this person is not interested, and it’s time for you to move on. If they haven’t read your message, then they might just be busy.

We understand that some people may find reading receipts intrusive. We all have lives outside of the Internet, and no one is obligated to reply if they’re not interested. Fortunately, BeNaughty allows you to disable read receipts if you would rather not have them.

Two red outlines of a conversation box. One of the bubbles sits on top of the other.Instant Messaging

The chat box on the dating site BeNaughty, which highlights the site admin chat.

You can communicate with other members using the live chat feature. It’s a quick, convenient, and interactive way to have a conversation. It is important to mention that a profile photo is required in order to initiate a chat. In some cases, this might be a drawback as some people like to chat immediately after signing up, but logically speaking, it makes more sense to have a photo before messaging others. People are more likely to respond when they know who they’re talking to.

It is simple to start a conversation, and you have two days to do so. You can either click the chat bubble in the upper right-hand corner or visit someone’s profile and click the “chat” button. Since BeNaughty is an adult website, feel free to be flirtatious, but remember to be respectful in your approach. You can also send emojis and photos of yourself while you chat. Doing so can make your messages livelier and more fun.  

Offers, Prices & Costs

The team at BeNaughty uses a freemium model to operate their business. This means that while you can use the site as a free member, there are quite a few features that require payment. Although using the site as a free member may help you save money, you will not be able to fully benefit from everything BeNauughty has to offer. This is true unless you upgrade your membership. As a free member, you are limited in what you can do, and the paid features are essential to your experience and overall success on BeNaughty.

As mentioned previously, there are different rates for men and women. Therefore, we shall discuss the gender differences in BeNaughty's pricing separately. As a non-paying male member, you are able to:

  1. sign up
  2. complete your profile
  3. use the search function
  4. send five introductory text or photo messages a day – meaning that you can contact up to five new members a day
  5. enjoy limited use of the like gallery
  6. send unlimited flirtcasts

If you would like to chat freely with other members, you will have to upgrade your membership. You will be pleased to know that membership plans are often discounted for new members. They are billed on a monthly basis, but you can opt for a three-day trial if that suits you. Please be aware that three-day trials do not qualify for discounts and that, unless you cancel, you will be charged automatically for a monthly membership plan once the trial period has ended.

Discounts are also only valid during the period of your plan. For example, if you select a three-month plan, your discount will only be active for three months. Payment may be submitted via credit or debit card, and in some cases, BeNaughty may need to verify your payment method. They do this by charging a small fee ranging from $0.5 to $5 to your card, but it will be refunded in three to five days once your payment has been verified and processed.

If you do not manage to find someone within the first three months of your membership, you might be eligible for a free three-day plan on any of BeNaughty’s partner dating sites. However, there are several conditions that you must meet in order to qualify for this. These conditions need to be fulfilled within the first three months after signing up. For example, you need to log into your account at least three times a week. Another condition is maintaining contact with at least five other members.

BeNaughty does not typically issue refunds, but they will do so in extenuating circumstances. For instance, if you were not able to access their services because the website was not working properly. From there, they will do an investigation to determine if you really do qualify for a refund. Refunds will not be issued simply because you are dissatisfied with your experience on the site.

Satisfaction policy information for the adult dating site BeNaughty.

The male membership plans are listed below:

3 Day Trial - $1.41 per day

  • Access to full-sized photos
  • All members in the search results
  • Looking for details
  • Unlimited chat messages
  • Unlimited like gallery

1 Month - $38.99 per month

  • Access to full-sized photos
  • All members in the search results
  • Looking for details
  • Unlimited chat messages
  • An unlimited like gallery
  • Other dating sites
  • Email matching by an intelligent data engine

3 Months - $21.23 per month

  • Access to full-sized photos
  • All members in the search results
  • Looking for details
  • Unlimited chat messages
  • An unlimited like gallery
  • Other dating sites
  • Email matching by an intelligent data engine
  • The “Who liked me?” feature
  • Extra security

6 Months - $16.50 per month

  • Access to full-sized photos
  • All members in the search results
  • Looking for details
  • Unlimited chat messages
  • An unlimited like gallery
  • Other dating sites
  • Email matching by an intelligent data engine
  • The "who liked me" feature
  • Extra security
  • The delete chat history tool
  • A popular boost in the like gallery
The pricing packages for the dating website BeNaughty include a 50% discount.

As far as women go, non-paying members can:

  1. Sign up
  2. Complete their profiles
  3. Use the search function
  4. Chat
  5. Use the like gallery
  6. Send unlimited flirtcasts

The fact that women can freely converse without being charged proves that they have a significant advantage over men on BeNaughty. Women also have access to a completely different set of features and are charged way less than men. The female membership plans are listed below:

Extra Security

$0.43 per day – you will pay $11.99

  • Access to full HTTPS encryption
  • Incognito browsing
  • Automatic history cleaning


$0.61 per day – you will pay $16.99

  • Access to priority messaging
  • Higher visibility in the search results
  • Read receipts
  • Exposure to 5X more people

Premium Dater

$0.89 per day – you will pay $24.99

  • Access to full HTTPS encryption
  • Incognito browsing
  • Automatic history cleaning
  • Priority messaging
  • Higher visibility in the search results
  • Read receipts
  • Exposure to 5X more people
Premium, extra and chataholic membership expansions for extra benefits on the dating site Be Naughty.

Safety & Security

Safe Mode & Verified Members

BeNaughty’s Safe Mode function is designed to protect you from people with ill intentions. With Safe Mode activated, only verified members will be able to contact you. Furthermore, only verified members will appear in the search results. A verified member is a person who has confirmed that their phone number belongs to a real person.

BeNaughty verifies members by sending a unique code via text or phone call or by having the member call their toll-free number. Verified members have unique identifiers on their profiles, so you’ll always be able to tell the difference between a verified profile and a non-verified profile. Please be aware that verification does not automatically indicate authenticity, so it is still crucial to exercise caution. BeNaughty has already acknowledged the fact that some people have devised ways of manipulating the verification process.

We commend BeNaughty for implementing this feature because it promotes user safety and comfort. The Internet is a fun but dangerous place. While the majority of BeNaughty users are looking for adult entertainment, there may be some unsavoury characters who are naughty in a bad way. These people only want to take something from you, whether it be your time, money, or faith in humanity. Even though a verified member can still have malicious intentions, the Safe Mode function is a step in the right direction. 

The safe mode feature on the adult site benaughty. You can select between off, basic, or full.

Staff Profiles

Some of the profiles on BeNaughty are operated by employees of the company. These profiles are called “staff profiles” in the terms and conditions. The purpose of these company-operated profiles is to ensure that their services are rendered properly and efficiently. We find this practice to be quite deceptive. BeNaughty makes no mention of whether these profiles have unique identifiers that distinguish them as staff profiles. Members ought to know this information, especially male members who pay to chat. There are so many important questions that BeNaughty hasn’t answered. Do staff profiles look similar to member profiles? What is the staff profile-to-member profile ratio? Are employees required to disclose this information to members when they reach out? Until we know the answers to these questions, we advise you to exercise caution on the site.

A text section provided by the adult dating site BeNaughty regarding their use of moderated accounts.

Use Of Personal Information & Photographs

BeNaughty's parent company, Kaleton Web S.R.O., operates a number of casual dating websites. By signing up for BeNaughty, you automatically give them permission to duplicate your dating profile on one or all of their partner dating sites. If and when they do this, they will inform you via email. Some may find this exciting because it raises the possibility of finding a match, but others may see it as a misuse of personal information. It is inappropriate to register for a service on someone else's behalf, even though it boosts their chances of success. The majority of people prefer to remain in charge of their choices. Fortunately, you can opt out of this practice.

A text section provided by the dating site BeNaughty regarding the creation of duplicated profiles across partner sites.

Additionally, your photos may be used by BeNaughty without compensation for promotional and commercial purposes. This is problematic because many individuals would be uncomfortable with their photographs being shared on social media, in emails, and anywhere else BeNaughty deems fit. Your dating and love life is personal, as is your decision to use BeNaughty. Nobody wants their friends or relatives to see a BeNaughty ad with their face on it, especially if they're not being compensated for it. Luckily, if you are not comfortable with this, you can contact BeNaughty and let them know.

A text section provided by the dating site BeNaughty regarding the creation of duplicated profiles across.


There are a few things that make BeNaughty an interesting site. Its aim is to connect you with people who live nearby. This is crucial for people who are looking for hookups. Secondly, the site is simple and easy to navigate. There are also a lot of exciting features, and the pricing isn’t outrageous. Do these features, however, make BeNaughty worth checking out? We think so, but do not get your hopes up. We say this for two major reasons.

For starters, we do not believe it is fair to have separate features and prices for men and women, especially when it appears that women have the better end of the deal. To us, it seems that BeNaughty’s target audience is men and that the site is strategically designed to encourage male spending. We also don’t agree with the implementation of staff profiles. They are present on the site, but we do not know the approximate amount, nor do we know if these profiles have unique identifiers. It is disingenuous, especially since BeNaughty has not explained how these staff accounts work.

You should be an adult if you’re reading this – that means that you’re free to make your own decisions. We definitely think there are better casual dating sites out there, but if you are eager to register for BeNaughty, we will leave you with this piece of advice. Test the waters with a three-day trial and proceed with caution if you decide to become a paying member. 


  • Make an effort to personally confirm if you are speaking to a genuine, like-minded person or a BeNaughty employee
  • Use Flirtcasts to reach out to multiple people at once
  • Make use of the three-day trial before purchasing a monthly subscription
  • Use your mobile browser to access BeNaughty and enable push notifications


Does BeNaughty Have A Mobile App?

There is no BeNaughty app, but you can access the site using your mobile browser.

How To Delete My BeNaughty Account?

In order to delete your BeNaughty account, you need to visit your settings and select “Remove account”.

I Have A Problem. How Do I Reach Out To BeNaughty?

You may contact BeNaughty at Be sure to tell them your user ID.

How Do I Activate The Safe Mode Function On BeNaughty?

Go to your settings and select “Safe Mode”, then, from the options menu, choose “Full Safe Mode”.

Is BeNaughty Full Of Bots?

We cannot say with certainty whether it is or isn’t, but there are staff profiles that you should be aware of. 

How Much Does BeNaughty Cost?

BeNaughty’s pricing differs based on gender, so you will have to sign up and see what options are available to you.

Is BeNaughty Safe?

BeNaughty has a number of security measures in place that work to safeguard your personal information. Furthermore, the BeNaughty team is continually monitoring all site activities in order to address questionable behaviour and guarantee that all members are acting in accordance with the terms and conditions.

Why Was My Photo Denied?

Your photo may have been rejected because it does not adhere to BeNaughty's photo policies. Please be aware that photos containing:

  1. anyone under the age of 18
  2. celebrities or copyright infringement
  3. no people
  4. anyone other than you or group photos
  5. violence, drugs, death, weapons
  6. offensive gestures
  7. a different gender
  8. personal details

will be rejected. 

Who Is BeNaughty For?

BeNaughty is ideally suited for people who are single or currently separated from their partners.

Is It Worth Upgrading My BeNaughty Account?

It could be, especially if you’re a man, but we advise that you begin with a three-day trial to get a feel for the site.

Who Owns BeNaughty?

There isn't much information on BeNaughty's ownership and history, but we do know it is operated by Kaleton Web S.R.O., a company based in Bratislava, Slovakia.