HookUP looks and feels like Frankenstein’s monster of online dating. It blends some of the best features of highly popular apps like Tinder, Bumble, TikTok, and Chat Roulette. Then, it adds its own Around Me database to give users a different casual dating experience.

We’ll discuss all the free dating features on the app, how the experience may differ for men and women, and how much it will cost to be a member. We'll also cover what other Hook Up Com reviews have failed to mention. In the end, we’ll give our expert judgment on whether is the next big thing or just another free dating app that will waste your precious time.

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  • Very easy and intuitive mobile app to navigate
  • A good variety of tried and tested dating features
  • Completely LGBTQIA+ inclusive


  • High number of fake-looking profiles
  • Very low engagement from members on the app
  • No features that are unique to HookUp com

What Type Of Dating Site Is

Homepage of the adult site HookUp featuring a woman smiling.
  • Hookup dating
  • Casual encounters
  • Committed relationships
  • Social interactions
  • Friends

Who Is For?

  • All gender identities
  • All sexual orientations

The app makes accommodations for the full range of the LGBTQIA+ community. Everyone from straight cis-gendered people to any variation of trans-identifying queer folk are welcome here.

Stats & Infographics

Male - Female Ratio

Male and female ration of

Age Demographics

Age demographics of the dating site

Country Distribution

Country distribution of the dating site

Registration Process

Registration on HookUp is easy and straightforward. Simply go to the homepage and click ‘SIGN UP’ at the top right of the screen. Depending on your device, you will be redirected accordingly. PC users will go to to sign up and use the web version of the app. Mobile users, on the other hand, will be directed to their respective app store to download the app before they’ll be able to sign up.

Registration screen and options for the dating site

Whether you are on the app or the web version, you’ll have to go through the same compulsory 9 steps to create your account. In these steps, you’ll be asked to provide:

  1. Email address or phone number
  2. Name and, optionally, your surname
  3. Date of birth
  4. A username
  5. Your gender identity
  6. Referral code (if you have one)
  7. Add photos & videos (you’ll need at least 2 to continue)
  8. Enter the verification code
  9. What gender you are looking for
Registration steps for the dating site HookUp.

The email that contains your verification code will be sent as soon as you finish adding your photos. But it might take a while to show up in your inbox. If it takes more than a few minutes you can go back to step 7 to have another email sent to you.

To complete your newly created profile, Hook will ask you for the following information. You can choose to skip these and leave those profile fields empty for now. It might be a lot to get through but once they are filled the app can use this data to match you with the perfect HookUp partner.

  • An “about me” text
  • What relationship you are looking for
  • Your sexual orientation
  • Height
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion
  • Zodiac sign
  • Political bias
  • Highest education level
  • Employment status
  • Profession
  • What languages you speak
  • What type of HookUp you are interested in (coffee, walking, hike, etc.)
  • Smoking and drinking habits
  • Vaccination status
  • If you have and/or want kids
  • Pets
  • Your location
Browse users page on the dating site

App & Mobile Compatibility has a dedicated app that is compatible with any Android or iOS device. The overall look and functionality are the same on the app as it is on the desktop version. You will however have to make any coin purchases via the app as this is not possible on the web version.

Mobile application of the adult site HookUp.

Men Vs. Women takes inspiration from Bumble by empowering women and giving them the choice about who gets to make the first step. But unlike Bumble, women have a bit more freedom here. Women can set their communication preferences to “I want to make the first move” or “I’m okay with others manning the first move.”

Apart from that, HookUp com is pretty equal in what it offers each gender. Men and women need to go through the same steps to create a profile (women just need to add their communication preferences). The cost is also the same for everyone on, regardless of gender.



The hooks dating feature of the dating site HookUp.

“Hooks” are short, Tick-tick style video clips that offer users a unique opportunity to showcase their personality. Hook members can post their own Hooks to see if they catch someone else’s attention, or you can scroll through the Hooks of other members to see who’s around.

Posting hooks is a great way to make more than just an emotional connection with other members and to create a sense of community on If you like someone, you can follow them to stay connected when they post more.

Virtual Gifts

Virtual gifts option on the dating site HookUp.

If you want to show someone your interest or appreciation for their Hooks, you can send them a virtual gift. These are cute virtual stickers that help you catch someone’s attention. Sending gifts requires a positive coin balance. The cost of virtual gifts ranges from 5 to 30 coins each. Members who get a lot of support through virtual gifts can become HookUP Famous.

Date Requests

Date request feature on the dating site date requests make it easy to set up and keep track of who you are meeting up with and when. You will have to first match with someone and have an active chat to send a request. All your past and upcoming dates will be catalogued in one place so you can keep track of how successful hookup dating has been for you.

Hit or Miss

Hit or miss Dating feature on takes inspiration from chat roulette with its hit-or-miss function. To use this feature, you will have to have your camera on. Here, you’ll scroll through a list of members who are also online now and eager to chat live to see if you click. It’s a great way to connect instantly. But if you don’t like someone, just swipe left to start video chatting with the next person—it's that easy.

It did seem that the name for this feature came from the fact that finding someone online to talk to was more of a hit-or-miss situation than anything else.

Offers, Prices & Costs

Creating a HookUp com profile, browsing the app, and reading messages is completely free on For anything else, the app functions exclusively on a Coin system. Coins are used to send messages and virtual gifts to other members. The overall cost of being online will depend entirely on how active you want to be.

Coin packages are bought in once-off purchases and will not automatically renew when they run out. Purchases have to be made via the mobile app, as there is no link to buy coins from the web version. As a signup bonus, new members get 60 complimentary coins the first time that they register on the app.

Coin Packages

Coins can be purchased in a package of 100 to 5000 coins at a time. The bigger the package, the cheaper it works out per coin. This is only a few cents difference, but it does add up in the long run.

Coin packages for the adult dating site.

Package Prices

  • 100 Coins: $0.99
  • 200 Coins: $1.99
  • 500 Coins: $5.00
  • 1,000 Coins: $10.00
  • 2,500 Coins: $25.00
  • 5,000 Coins: $39.99

Package Perks

  • Send virtual gifts
  • Send or reply to messages

Safety & Security

Fake Profiles

Hooks might be a fun, entertaining feature on But the sheer amount of produced and over-sexualised content that gets posted compared to what you would find on a more well-known dating site is astounding. Especially since the app makes it very clear that they are against posting any nude content. It makes one think twice about how real some of these profiles are. Add the fact that you will see all the same hooks over and over again (but in a different order) even when you log in days later, and it’s clear the people can’t all be real.

Personal Information

With an outdated privacy policy from May 2018, we are not exactly sure how serious they are when they say, “Your privacy is our top priority.” Generally, any legitimate privacy policy will be no more than 12 months old to reflect the current online data processing activities. For this reason alone, we suggest anyone who uses Hook take extra caution when posting any personal information on the app.


While might not be the #1 dating app just yet, they certainly are giving it their best shot. But our overall experience with the app made it feel more like an entertainment platform rather than an actual dating site. The interactive and casual features do make it fun enough for a while, especially for young people who love being on Chat Roulette or TikTok. However, it lacks the sense of authenticity that people enjoy when dating online.

Unfortunately, trying to blend all the good bits of other dating apps into one only makes HookUp lose its own identity. In our opinion, most people would do a lot better just sticking to the far more popular apps that already exist. The very outdated Privacy Policy of HookUp com doesn’t garner much confidence in their ability to keep their members' information secured either. So, take it with a grain of salt.


  • Be active! Post and like hooks daily. Being engaging is the best way to catch anyone’s attention.
  • Send your referral code to friends. You and your friends can redeem it against premium locked features on the app.


Who Is For? is for everyone. If you are thinking about joining a dating site and want some of the best dating features in one place, then this is for you, regardless of your gender identity or sexual preferences.

How To Get On App?

It’s easy! Just pop on over to on any Android or iOS device and follow the prompts to download the app. Alternatively, you can go to your app store of choice, search for Hook and download the app from there.

Is Legit Or Not? is a legitimate app that has slowly been gaining popularity since it first went live. It aims to become the #1 dating app.

How Can My Verification ID Be Retrieved?

The very first time you sign up, you’ll receive your HookUp com verification ID via email. It sometimes takes a few minutes to show up, though. You can either wait a while or start the registration process over again. It may take a few tries.

What Can I Do With A Free Account?

You can create a profile, browse users, and read messages without spending a cent. Other features require in-app credits.