Introduction belongs to a group of dating platforms that was first launched back in 2006 and has since become one of the more popular online adult dating sites, with over 2 million monthly site visits. The name should tell you a lot about the goal of the site. Fling is a comprehensive online dating platform designed for adults seeking casual hookups. It caters to individuals of all genders and orientations, including men, women, and couples, who are interested in discreet encounters with women, men, couples, or Transsexuals. Moreover, for those who enjoy engaging in private live-streaming sessions with attractive models, Fling seamlessly integrates with its cam web services.

In this in-depth fling review, we discuss all that you need to know about the site. We cover everything from the pricing breakdown and all the features included to what you can realistically expect to find after signing up. We even take a closer look at the security measures in place after the unfortunate hack of 2016 and answer any questions you might have. So let's not waste any time and get right into it.

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Pros & Cons


  • Easy signup process with cheap trial options
  • A diverse and large fling dater pool
  • An easy-to-use platform
  • Let you sell your own adult content
  • Has a lot of great features available, including video chat
  • Very helpful support team


  • The platform looks somewhat dated
  • There seem to be a few fake and bot accounts
  • No mobile app is available
  • Expensive paid membership
  • The free memberships barely offer anything

What Type Of Dating Site Is dating site homepage
  • Hookups
  • Meetups
  • Chatting
  • Casual dating

Who Is For?

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bisexual
  • Transgender
  • Couples

Stats & Infographics

Male - Female Ratio dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution dating site stats and infographics country distribution

Registration Process

Most online dating sites these days have a pretty straightforward signup process, and is no different. Pop over to to get things started. While on the homepage, you can click on either the "Sign up for FREE" or "Register" button.

From there, you will go through a quick 3-step process to get all the important information required to set up your account. These initial steps ask you to:

1 - Select your gender: Man, woman, or couple.

2 - Enter your age and city.

3 - Provide your email and choose a password for your account.

Be sure to tick the box to claim your free CamSoda tokens before clicking 'Continue'. Technically your account will now have been created, and all you need to do is to populate your profile with eye-catching photos and match-worthy information about yourself. will go through 4 more steps to get all the most basic relevant information required for your profile.

Step 1 will be to upload photos and choose a display name for your profile. There are guidelines to follow with each of these, like only posting photos of yourself and not putting contact details in your username. They make it easy by already selecting a randomly generated username if you aren't feeling particularly creative that day.

The next step is where you say a bit more about yourself by ticking off the things you do for fun (from 'Smoke lil weed' to 'Play sports'), selecting your ethnicity, and describing your body type.

The third step is where you describe what type of person you are looking for. Whether that is men, women, couples, or transsexuals. You can also select to only see members near you and those with photos. Select your preferred age range and tick off what they should be interested in relationship-wise. At the bottom of this tab, you will also see that this is where you agree to have the site engage with new members on your behalf via the icebreaker function. We'll discuss more on this later on.

Number four, and the last step for now, is to select what level of content you'd like to view while on the site. You can choose to see no nudity whatsoever, see only some nudity, or be shown absolutely everything.

Women will have an extra Fling login step here where they have to write a short description about themselves of at least 25 characters before continuing. And if you have not yet added photos, you will be reminded to do so.

Once you've gotten to this part of the fling sign in process, you will now have a basic profile and will be able to edit your profile or add a few more bits of information about yourself. This is just to fill it out all the way (this is not compulsory but advised). These include things like: dating site registration process
  • Your display name
  • An 'About Me' Text
  • A profile tagline
  • The languages you speak
  • Your living arrangements
  • A mood status (what you are in the mood for right now)
  • Your race
  • Whether you can travel and to what degree
  • Your play level

There is also a 'My Naughty Meter' bar under your profile photo where you can select your level of naughtiness. This goes from a scale from 'Vanilla' to 'Lil Freaky'. Right by the bar, you can also click to get your profile verified. Verification will require you to either take a selfie or jump on a video chat with an agent. After verification has been confirmed, you will get a blue badge with a tick mark on your profile. It's a good way to show others that you are a genuine person. dating site registration process naughty meter

Fling App & Mobile Compatibility

Unfortunately, does not have a dedicated fling mobile app available. While you might think otherwise because there is an 'App' button at the bottom of the homepage, clicking this only takes you back to the signup page. Even without a dedicated flingapp available, the site is very well optimised for all mobile browsers on tablets as well as phone screens, giving the same overall experience on any device. The menu bar that is at the top of the screen for desktop users will just be on the left-hand side of the screen in a drop-down menu when using a mobile device.

Some might remember that there was indeed a fling app once, between 2012 and 2015. But this was not an official app. It was a completely different photo-sharing application resembling Snapchat more than anything else. It ended up becoming primarily a medium to exchange sexually explicit photos, and therefore Apple decided to have it removed from the App Store in 2015.

Men Vs Women

We created a legitimate male and female account to get a clear understanding of all the differences between sexes on Unfortunately, after only a few days online, our female account was disabled without any reason. But by then, we had already done as much research as was needed.

What we found is that on, men and women will have similar experiences overall, but women do get a few perks for signing up here. First and foremost, women get to use the site for free for the most part. This only excludes anything that will require credits to use. The Silver membership that women are automatically signed up for does not cost a single dollar and allows full access to all subscription-based features. Men will get the same access to all the same features, but this will come at the cost of the Gold membership for them.

The overall signup process is also exactly the same, with only one small difference in the final steps, where women need to write a short description. Men only need to do that later on, so that is an almost negligible difference. And women MUST have a profile photo to complete registration, while men can choose to keep their profile photo-free for as long as they like. Another key takeaway is that women will also have a much better chance of making a few extra dollars. They can do this by posting explicit photos and videos or by doing live streams and receiving tips seeing. On Fling, there is a rather large male audience with not too much female competition.


Profile Searches dating site profile searches feature takes a different approach from typical dating sites by not offering a matchmaking mechanism. While this may raise some eyebrows, it caters more to those seeking a casual rather than a traditional dating experience. If you're someone who prefers taking things slow while having as much fun as possible before hooking up, can be quite enjoyable for you. The Flings dating site provides a robust search function with numerous filters to help you find potential matches.

With the basic Fling com search function, you can search for members based on their gender, sexual preferences, age, country, and zip code. You can further narrow down the results by filtering members who are online, verified, have photos, or are currently streaming a video. Even with a free membership, you have the ability to refine your search and find specific members.

For subscribed members, offers an advanced search feature as part of their premium package. This advanced search provides sophisticated options and filters to help you find members who align with your dating preferences. You can search based on body type, height, eye colour, hair colour, ethnicity, and much more. This level of precision in member filtering sets apart from many other dating sites.

The Matching Game dating site the matching game feature

With the undeniable popularity of Tinder's revolutionary and very addictive 'swiping through a stack of profiles' mechanism, it's no surprise that other sites have adopted similar features. And fling. com is no different. Fling calls it a 'Match Game'. This game is only available to members who have uploaded at least one photo to their profile. Free members get 10 swipes a day and get unlimited messages with their matches. Gold and Silver members get unlimited swipes on the game.

When playing the game, you will be presented with a stack of profiles, but only the top profile will ever be visible. It will only show a very minimal amount of information about that profile. You'll only see the profile pic, username, age, location, and whether the profile is verified. With this limited information, you'll have to decide if you like or dislike what you see. You will have to choose before you get to see the next profile in the stack. There's also the option to add the profile to your favourites or go back to the previous profile if you think you made the wrong choice. But if you both liked each other, then it's a match.

Virtual Dates Via Video Chats dating site virtual dates via video chats feature

On Fling com, you will have multiple ways to connect with other members via video chat. You can either select a 'Random Video Chat' to connect with a random member or go into a 'Group Video Chat' to talk to multiple people at the same time. Both these features can be accessed from the drop-down menu. This is a fun way to spend your time connecting with other members on the site. Only subscribed members can participate in video chats.

You are also able to have a video chat with anyone that you have been talking to by requesting a video chat with them. This is a great way to be a bit more flirty and find out if they are as real as they say at the same time. While on the 'Random Video Chat' page, you will also be able to select to view live videos being streamed by models and members alike. These will require some credits as well as a full membership to watch. Live cams are capped at $175 spent per day to make sure that you don't break the bank, but you can contact the support team if you really want to spend more.

Status Posts dating site status posts feature offers a feature that is very similar to posting short statuses like you would on popular social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook. Users have the freedom to express themselves and share various thoughts as long as they refrain from posting offensive or abusive content. Members can choose to post a text-only status but are also able to post photos and videos here.

Members can freely post as many statuses as they want, provided that their words won't cause harm to others. However, it's important to note that not everyone appreciates too frequent status changes. Therefore, it's advisable to carefully consider what information you want to share and how often you want to share it with the Flingcom community. This function allows you to share your current mood (most people post about how horny they are at the moment), thoughts on books or movies, opinions on specific events, and so much more. In general, this feature proves to be highly useful when seeking a naughty partner for a hookup.

Safe Mode

Here's a great feature that's very different from the last ones. It's called Safe Mode, and it's specifically designed to keep things clean and avoid any explicit content that you might not want to see for whatever reason. You can easily toggle the safe mode on or off in your profile settings, and it gives you complete control over your browsing experience on the platform.

With Safe Mode on, you can explore the site with peace of mind, knowing that no intimate photos or videos will pop up unless you actually want to see them. It's like having a personal filter that ensures you only come across what you're comfortable with. Pretty handy, right?

Now, here's where it gets even better. Imagine you're checking out in a public place, and there are random people around who might catch a glimpse of your laptop or phone screen. The last thing you want is for them to see a bunch of nude bodies and think you're some kind of perv. That's where Safe Mode saves the day! It acts as a shield, protecting you from any embarrassing encounters like that.

Offers, Prices & Costs

The Fling website works on a subscription basis, and access to almost every feature that makes the site worthwhile is tucked away behind a paywall. There are two available subscriptions, the Gold and Silver packages. A Gold membership is for men, and the Silver package is completely free and for women only. Both allow the same perks! Other features on the site will also require the use of credits to access.

Men on a free membership will only be able to do basic searches, like and favourite profiles, play the match game, see status updates, and browse through lists of profiles (without actually viewing the profile or its galleries).

Free Membership

On signing up, you will automatically start on the free membership, which allows you to do any of the following:

  • Contact in Search (Send Quick Chat and Message - there's a daily limit)
  • Match Game (10 swipes per day and unlimited messaging with matches)
  • Trending now (Limited media feed)
  • Likes & Winks (Limited in Search and Trending Now)
  • Upload photos and videos to the galleries section

Gold Subscription Package

The Gold subscription is what men will need to sign up for to be able to use any valuable features of the site. These include even the most basic things like viewing profiles and sending or even reading messages. Subscriptions are either 1, 6, or 12 months long, go for $34.95, $69.95, and $118.95, respectively, and auto-renew after their respective periods have expired. But there are also two cheap trial options, the 2-day ($0.95) and 7-day ($9.95) trial memberships. Just note that when these trial periods are over, they will automatically convert to a monthly membership.

The Gold subscription comes with a 3-month guarantee. So if you can't hook up with anyone in 3 months, you'll get an extra 3 months of membership for free. To be eligible for the guarantee, you need to have a clear photograph of yourself on your profile and have responded to at least 5 messages per week. Members can only take advantage of the guarantee once.


- 2-Day Trial: $0.95

- 7-Day Trial: $9.95

- 1 Month Gold: $34.95 (30% off at the time - regular price: $49.95)

- 6 Months Gold: $69.95 ($11.65 per month)

- 12 Months Gold: $118.95 ($9.99 per month)

Perks Included

  • Match Game
  • Unlock your profile views
  • Group chat
  • Live Members
  • Advanced search
  • Message before Matching
  • Create private 1-on-1 sessions
  • Unlocked Trending Now feed
  • 3-month guarantee
  • View member profiles (videos and photos included)


When signing up for a fling gold membership, you will automatically have the option ticked to sign up for a 3-day free trial to This will then go to $49.60 per month after the trial expires, so be sure to untick it before completing your purchase if you only want to use


- $49.60 per month (with a 3-day free trial)

Perks Included

  • Automatically get signed up to as well

Silver Subscription Package

The Silver membership comes with the exact same perks as the Gold membership and is the same in every way except for one. The only difference is that the Silver membership is completely free. Female accounts are automatically signed up as Silver members once they've created their profiles. This is, unfortunately, not available to male members. The only time a silver member will need to spend any money is to buy credits.


- Free (only for female profiles)

Perks Included

  • Match Game
  • Unlock profile views
  • Group chat
  • Live Members
  • Advanced search
  • Message before Matching
  • Create private 1-on-1 sessions
  • Unlocked Trending Now feed
  • View member profiles (videos and photos included)

Credit Package

On top of the subscription, you will also need credits to use some of the site's functions. Credits allow you to send priority messages, SMS messages, unlock premium content, and so much more. There are multiple ways to get credits, the easiest being purchasing a credit package. These are not recurring payments, and you will need to purchase more as you need them.

The other way to get credits is to earn them via the site. This can be done by uploading premium photos and videos that other members can pay with credits to view. Another way is to receive tips. Members can send you tips via your profile or during a live stream. These credits can then also be redeemed for cash. When redeeming one credit is equal to $0.005, and you need a minimum of 5000 credits before you can redeem cash for your credits.


  • 500 Credits: $4.99
  • 2000 Credits: $19.99
  • 5000 Credits: $49.99

Perks Included

  • Priority Messaging (putting your message at the top of the user's inbox)
  • Premium Content
  • Live Stream Tipping
  • Golden Ticket Shows
  • Private Video Shows
  • Get on Top of Search
  • Anonymous Text / SMS Messaging
  • Redeem for cash

Safety & Security

Use Of Personal Information

In 2016 it came to light that Fling was the unfortunate victim of a data hack by a hacker known online as peace_of_mind. The hacker sold the data of 40 million users for only $400. After some investigation, it was found that the five-year-old information was from a data breach in 2011. Only 60% of the emails in the data pool actually belonged to Fling accounts.

This is the only time that the site has had a security breach, and members were instructed to change their passwords, especially if they used the same passwords for things like email accounts or online banking. Fling takes online security very seriously, and the only information that they hold about their users is what is needed for the functioning of the site. This includes the following:

  • Email address and password
  • Any profile information you choose to submit
  • Basic purchase information
  • Interactions with other users
  • Members you add to your "Friends" or "favourites"
  • Your device information
  • Site browsing history
  • Your geolocation and IP address
  • Login and logout history on

Credit card information is encrypted and held only by trusted third parties, so you can feel secure that your information will stay safe. But always be mindful of what you post online, as it will be public for anyone who uses the site. Users will also be happy to know that their information will never be sold to third parties. Information (like your email address) will, however, be shared with third parties where necessary to deliver crucial communications and special deals for the site.

Fake Profiles

Unlike other sites similar in nature, states openly and proudly that their site does not contain any profiles created by them. While a lot of other sites like fling create fake profiles to increase member numbers by entertaining or otherwise engaging with users on their site, Fling commits to not using these tactics. It should be noted that they specifically only claim that there are no 'Site created' profiles and make no promises of third-party involvement here. Nowhere in the Terms of Use is there any mention of how third-party involvement takes place except for payment processors. Well, other than where the Fling site absolves itself of any responsibility for content posted by any third parties.

It does feel like there might be a lot of fake profiles just by how quickly a new member will receive a ton of new messages. But it should also be taken into consideration that Fling uses a feature called Icebreaker. With this, real members have given consent for the site to send introductory messages on their behalf to other members who might be a good match. These are automated messages and are only sent to users that match at least one interest. Such automated messages are also labelled as "Icebreakers" for easy identification.


All things considered, is perfect for anyone looking for a quick bit of fun. And if you want to keep things online and only watch live cam videos or have live chats with models, even more so. It can burn a bit of a hole in your pocket if you go overboard, so the overall experience will be dependent on how big your budget is. Women, however, are lucky enough to get the full experience for free.

With a selection of great features that aid in finding a match and a few that are purely just for your entertainment, it's worth giving it a try, at the very least. Those cheap trial subscriptions sound even better right about now, don't they? To join or not to join, the decision will ultimately be yours.

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  • Make sure to get a few credits after subscribing. It seems like the most fun happens on the live cams.
  • Look out for anyone pressuring you to spend more. Always be careful when money is involved, and report anyone who seems to be on here for unscrupulous reasons.
  • If you have the confidence for it, make a few real connections and do a couple of live streams to see just how much you can get tipped for it. It can be redeemed for real money, after all.
  • Don't be shy to contact customer support. They might take a day or two to reply, but they were extremely helpful when we had some questions.
  • If you plan to only use the Fling dating site, then be sure that you deselect the option on the payment page that will sign you up for as well. It can be quite an expensive mistake if you don't.


What Is

Fling is an online dating platform that aims to connect anyone around the world with like-minded people who like to have a quick hookup, either in real life or purely over live cams.

How Can I See Who Messaged Me On Fling Without Paying?

When anyone messages you, you will only see an abbreviated version of their profile (profile photo, username, location, and age) and a portion of their message. Unfortunately, this is as far as you can go on a free account, and for anything more, you will have to be a paid member.

What Is Safe Mode?

Safe Mode is a feature that caters to users who prefer a more modest experience. Safe Mode hides explicit content on user profiles, replacing graphic images with generic ones and filtering out profanity. This feature ensures that users can browse the platform with less exposure to explicit content. You can toggle this on and off in your profile settings.

Is The Fling App Free To Use?

Unfortunately, there is no fling dating app available. But the site is very well optimised to work on any mobile browser, and it has a free option.

Is A Scam Site?

Not at all. Fling is not a site that will scam you out of your money. The site provides an adult experience and asks for payment in return for its services. This is nothing different from most dating sites out there.

Is Safe For Me To Join?

Yes! Don't let the cyberattack of 2016 scare you off. It was a once-in-a-lifetime occurrence. It is actually extremely rare to find any dating sites that get breached more than once. Since the breach, the site has increased its security and encryption protocols.

Is Real Or Just Populated By Fake Profiles?

Fling is as real as it gets. The site is very proud of the fact that the site does not contain any site-created profiles. Of course, there might be a few fake profiles that slip through the cracks, but this also happens on most dating sites and is just part of the reality of online dating.

Can I Post Nudes Or Graphic Sexual Content On

Yes! They are big fans of adult imagery. It is actually encouraged that members post nudity, fantasy, lingerie, and fetish photography as long as they own the rights to the content being uploaded.

Is Legit Or Not? is 100% a legitimate site that provides the services as advertised. They can, of course, not promise that everyone will be equally successful in their endeavours. But anyone who signs on has an equal chance to have as much online fun as everyone else.

What Does Cost?

The Gold membership is charged based on the length of subscription chosen, and all membership packages automatically renew as soon as that period expires. The options are as follows:

  • 2-Day Trial: $0.95
  • 7-Day Trial: $9.95
  • 1 Month Gold: $34.95
  • 6 Months Gold: $69.95 ($11.65 per month)
  • 12 Months Gold: $118.95 ($9.99 per month)

What Name Will Show On My Billing Statement?

Charges from are done discreetly. The charge will show on your statement as either ' 866-268-6197' or ' 844-738-6906'.

What Will It Cost Mo To Watch Private Cam Shows?

The overall price will depend entirely on you. It can be as cheap or expensive as you'd like it to be. A private 1-on-1 chat will set you back $3.99 per minute, whereas the cam shows are charged at $1.99 per minute.

How Can I Get In Touch With Customer Service?

Customer service operates 24/7 and is happy to help with any queries you have. Either click on 'customer support' from the drop-down menu or on 'Help' at the bottom of the screen to go to the help page. Select 'Contact Customer Service', where there will be a drop-down box to select the reason for your message and a message box where you can type. This works faster than sending a direct email to the support team.

How To Delete Fling Account?

To delete your profile, you must be logged on to your www fling com account. Simply head over to your account settings from the drop-down menu and find the section called 'Deactivate My Account'. From there, you can choose to deactivate your account if you just want to, rather than make your profile discreet or inactive. You can also first download a copy of your information to keep and redeem any earnings from premium content (this can't be done after deletion). Then click 'Delete Account', tick a reason for the deletion, and click 'Delete Account' again. Please note that this does not also cancel your subscription.

How To Cancel Fling Subscription?

To cancel your subscription, you must be logged on to your www. fling. com account. Head over to your account settings from the drop-down menu and find the section called 'Manage Membership'. Click 'Cancel your membership here' and follow the prompts. This should be done before you choose to delete your profile.