Finding a dating site that puts your privacy above everything is quite tough nowadays, however, Illicit Encounters UK does exactly that! The site was established in 2003 and for over 15 years they have been one of the largest UK dating sites available for married and attached people who are looking for a little fun outside of their relationship. Illicet Encounters is extremely popular throughout online dating and it boasts over 1,000,000 members across the UK. It has also been featured in a lot of big media outlets such as The Times, BBC, The Sun, ITV, Cosmopolitan, and many more.

Today we’re going to complete a full in-depth review of Ilicit Encounters and provide our honest opinion on whether the site lives up to what it suggests. In this review we will be covering the registration process, some of its pros and cons, its top features, the cost of using the site, and in general whether it's safe to use or not. Look out for some of the helpful tips that can help get your money's worth whilst using the site.

So let's go ahead and see what the fuss is all about!

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  • Women can use the site for free (All features are included)
  • Payments won’t show as Illicit Encounters on your statements
  • A large database of users from the UK
  • Restricted to UK and Northern Ireland users (Good for if you want to make sure someone is local)
  • Quick and easy process with no I.D verification


  • Quite expensive compared to other sites (Very limited plans to choose between)
  • No single people on the site (Even if you wanted hassle-free fun, you won’t be able to find someone single)
  • Reading and sending messages is a premium feature for men (have to upgrade to the minimum 1-month package)
  • Little to suggest the site is for anyone but straight people (no option for gay/lesbian/bisexual/trans)
  • No short-term plans (The shortest membership is four weeks, and no free trials are available)

What Type Of Dating Site Is Illicit Encounter?

illicitencounters dating site homepage

The Illicit Encounters dating site is aimed at people who are married or in some sort of relationship already and they’re now looking for something extra and discreet. It is ideal for anyone looking for:

  • Casual Hookups
  • Meetups
  • Long-Term Discreet Relationships
  • Romance & Fun
  • Friendships

The website shows that it doesn’t cater to singles and is not ideal for those who don’t agree with being involved in some sort of affair.

Who Is IllicitEncounter For?

When using Illicit Encounters we could see that it seemed to only cover the following gender/sexuality options:

  • Straight

Although once you have gone through the registration you can then use the search filters to search for the same sex, there is very little to suggest that gay and lesbian people can use the site. When we were browsing, the majority of the people we came across were straight and we didn’t come across any gay, lesbian, bi, or transgenders.

Stats & Infographics

Male - Female Ratio

illicitencounters dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics

illicitencounters dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution

illicitencoutners dating site stats and infographics country distribution

Registration Process

illicitencounters dating site registration process

Registering for Illicit Encounters it’s relatively quick, easy, and completely free. Once you have loaded the site up, you can register by choosing your gender and where you’re from, then just click ‘find someone new’. This will then redirect you to ‘create your free account today’ which will ask you for a number of details such as:

  • Username and Password
  • Pick a profile picture (this is just a random photo for now but you can change it to a personal photo later on)
  • Email
  • Country
  • County

They will also ask where you heard about Illicit Encounters, though this is optional. Then, of course, you need to confirm your agreement to their terms of service. Once you do so, you will be able to click 'register.' Subsequently, you will receive an email confirmation, which will redirect you to 'create your profile,' where you will be asked to provide the following details:

  • Date of Birth
  • What ages you’re looking for
  • Your Location
  • First half of your postcode (optional)
  • Education
  • Marital Status
  • Drinking Habits
  • Smoking Habits
  • Eye and Hair Colour
  • Height and Build
  • Race and Religion
  • Occupation

All of these details are required, except for the postcode, which is optional. Following that, they prompt you to specify the type of relationships you're seeking and select some of your interests. The next step is to add a brief introduction about yourself (if you're not feeling creative, you can use the profile generator option). You also have the option to describe your ideal partner, though this step can be skipped and revisited later. The overall registration process can be completed in less than 5 minutes.

Once you have logged in, you can begin browsing around the Illicit Encounters site. Some of the different sections they have are:

  • Who’s online and ‘search’ other members who aren’t online
  • Match Finder
  • My profile and My account
  • Profile Views
  • Alerts
  • My photos

If you decide you want to add a photo right away, you’re able to head to your ‘My photos’ section where Illicit Encounters have two galleries available for you:

  1. Public images (These are images available for everyone to see)
  2. Private images (Password protected, you will need to give the user the password in order for them to have access to these)

They mention that even non-members can view photos, so it's good to ensure the majority of your photos are set to private if discretion means a lot to you.

App & Mobile Compatibility

Illicit Encounters doesn’t have a mobile app available for iOS or Android. However, you can use the site on your mobile phone browser with no issues. The site’s functionality on a mobile device is quick and simple, and the only difference from the desktop browser is that it's a little more compact.

Men Vs Women

Is there a difference between a man signing up to Illicit Encounters and a woman signing up? Actually, yes. When a man signs up, he has very limited use of the site's features unless he decides to upgrade to one of its gold memberships.

However, when a woman signs up, she will get full access to every feature completely free. Once the male user has upgraded his membership to Gold Plus, there are no differences between the features they can both use. Illicit Encounters didn’t seem to ask for any identification on either male or female profiles, so it's hard to understand how they determine whether someone is actually female or just signing up to get the features for free.


Virtual Gifts

illicitencounters dating site virtual gifts features

If you want to express your feelings and impress users with more than just words, you can choose to send a virtual gift. There are roughly 50 gifts to choose between, ranging from 20 credits all the way up to 10,000 credits. Some of the gifts are as simple as a cup of coffee, a refreshing cocktail, or a sexy virtual lingerie set. If you’re someone who is on the classier side and you want to dig a little deeper into that pocket, you could decide to send a virtual necklace or ring which are the more expensive gifts you can choose from.

Invisible Mode

Sometimes, you want to browse other people while staying undercover and discreet. This feature allows you to hide from people's search results and conceal that you’re online, which is good for when you don’t want to speak to someone while you look around.

Prepared Responses

If you’re someone who likes to stick to one way, you will love this feature. You’re able to save your message as a template so you’re only one click away from sending it. Not only does it save you time but it can help you notice what conversation starter or opener is working.


If you have a busy schedule, this is a great feature that ensures you don’t miss out on good opportunities even when you’re swamped. It allows you to set automated replies when other users message you. Simply informing members that you’re busy at work can significantly boost your chances of making a connection!


illicitencounters dating site match finder feature

This tool offers you the option to set your preferences for the type of person you’re seeking. The matchfinder will then run daily and email you the results, which will include potential matches for you. This is an excellent feature that saves you from wasting time browsing through profile after profile in search of that perfect match.

Holiday Mode

Sometimes, you might be going away on holiday or, due to unforeseen circumstances, you might not be able to use your membership. So, this feature allows you to suspend your profile for up to three weeks.

Offers, Prices & Costs

Illicit Encounters is a freemium dating site, it’s completely free to register, create your profile, and search for other users, you can also send a virtual kiss, add photos, and receive messages from other members for free. However, if you decide you want to read a message you have received or send a message to another user this is where you hit a paywall, but only if you’re a male user (female users are able to use all features for free). In order to read and send messages you will be asked to upgrade your account to a gold membership.

illicitencounters dating site prices and costs of memberships

Illicit Encounters have two options available for you:

Gold Membership:

  • 4 Weeks = £139.99 (Which works out around £35.00 per week)

Extra Benefits:

  • Read messages from other users
  • Send messages
  • Hide your profile from ‘Who’s Online’

Gold Plus Membership:

  • 12 Weeks Special = £199.99 (Which works out around £16.67 per week)
  • 4 Weeks = £169.99 (Which works out around £42.50 per week)

They do mention that the 12-week special ‘ends soon’, so they could remove this offer at any time.

Also, be aware that both of these memberships have auto-renew included, so it’s important to know when your membership is due to expire if you don’t want it to continuously renew.

Extra Benefits:

  • Invisible mode (Hide your profile from users searches)
  • Holiday mode (Suspend your profile for up to 3 weeks)
  • Prepared Responses (Create prepared responses to send to other members)
  • Auto-Responders (Create responses that are automatically sent when you receive a message)
  • Live alert when a favourite of yours comes online (Only on laptops/computers)
  • Live alert when your message has been read (Only on laptops/computers)
  • Live alert when someone is reading your profile or when a new match joins the site (Only on laptops/computers)
  • Custom panic button

They also have a credit system in place if you want to send the user a virtual gift. You receive 2,300 free credits with your registration and then if you want to purchase more the costs are as below:

illicitencounters dating site prices and extra benefits of gold plus membership
  • Option 1 = £19.99 for 3000 IE credits (Summing up to 0.67p per credit)
  • Option 2 = £49.99 for 20000 IE credits (Summing up to 0.25p per credit)

Unfortunately, even if you upgrade your account to either of the gold memberships, it doesn’t include free virtual gifts. You will still need to pay for credits on top of your membership if or when you need them.

Safety & Security

Illicit Encounters treat their security, privacy, and confidentiality very seriously. Although they seem to be ahead of the majority of their competitors when it comes to security, there were a few things that stood out to us below:

No I.D Verification

Illicit Encounters seems to attract some fake profiles, especially since profiles don't require ID verification, making it easy for users to pose as someone else. Fortunately, there's a button available for reporting any suspicious users you encounter, particularly if you doubt the authenticity of their photos. All photos undergo moderation checks, which should help prevent too many fake ones from slipping through.

Financial Data

They mention that all financial data is encrypted, and messages and card data are never kept on their servers, so if any security breach were ever to happen, these details wouldn’t be seen. However, they do go on to mention that the third-party payment companies they use may store the data themselves. This did make us question the whole encrypted topic coming from their side. Really, what difference does it make if it’s a third-party entity storing the data or not?


Overall the usability of the site is very good. It’s user-friendly and easy to navigate through the different sections and features the site offers. If you’re on a budget then the site might not be ideal for you, however, if you’re not on one, they do offer some great features throughout the site. We do still think the overall Illicit Encounters cost is a little high compared to its competitors and it’s a bit disappointing that they don’t offer a free trial or a short-term subscription.

Without the need for providing personal details or identification, you can feel safe, secure, and assured that your discreet activities will remain confidential while you enjoy yourself. With the number of users Illicit Encounters boasts, it definitely increases the possibility of finding that perfect match, which is why its popularity is ahead of a lot of its competitors. However, Illicit Encounters will only be ideal for you if you’re attached and looking for a discreet affair, if you’re looking for a serious commitment with someone single, the site won’t be suitable for you.

If you’re still unsure whether Illicit Encounters is the site for you, we recommend visiting their page and taking a look at their ‘user stories page’. This will give you a good idea of how both female and male users' experiences were. Now that we have covered everything above, you can find some helpful tips below.

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  • Take advantage of the matchfinder feature. We recommend filling in your matchfinder preferences, just setting the age range you’re looking for and your preferred countries can increase your chances of finding that perfect match.
  • If you value discretion, head to ‘my photos’ to set a privacy password to keep your images private.
  • Unless you really want to express your feelings through virtual gifts, you’re better off using that extra money towards increasing the length of your membership.
  • If you plan to use Illicit Encounters for a long time, we recommend the 12-Week Special Gold Membership.
  • Some products might automatically renew at a discounted rate once they have expired so, we recommend contacting their customer support beforehand just to see if your renewal is available at a discount.
  • Remember to use the ‘add to favourites’ button to add the user to a dedicated list, which will make it easier to find them later.


What Is IllicitEncounters?

Illicitt Encounters is an online dating site that is designed and aimed at people who are looking for extramarital fun and affairs. They prioritise the discretion and secrecy of all their users.

What Do I Do If I Have Forgotten My Password Or Want To Change It?

To change your password:

  1. Go to your account page
  2. Click on the password box
  3. Enter your new password and repeat it in the ‘password confirm’ box
  4. Finally, click the save button

If you have forgotten your password:

  1. Click ‘forgotten password’ on the Illicit Encounters sign in page
  2. Enter your login name or email address
  3. Click Continue
  4. From your inbox, click the reset password link
  5. You will then be assigned a new password

How Can I Upload My Photos?

Photos on IllicitEncounters need to be in jpg or gif format. Click on ‘photos’ and then click on the browse button until you find the file. Press the continue button and you should see your photo uploaded. You’re able to add a password to your ‘photos’ page if you want extra discretion. If you’re struggling to upload the picture, you can send them an email to with the picture that you want to add and they will post this onto your profile for you.

What Payment Options Do Offer?

You’re able to make a payment via credit or debit card. They don’t store your details and they will help with discretion by putting the payment through under the name of ‘MC Online Tech Intservices’. If you wish to pay by cheque, cash, or postal order then you will need to write it out to ‘Online Tech Support LTD’ and send it to:

Online Tech Support LTD

86-90 Paul Street



If you need any more assistance with payments, you can also contact them at 020 3633 0493.

How Long Does My Profile Take To Be Approved?

Once you have completed your profile on the Illicit Affairs website, it will enter a Queue for one of their team members to review and approve. Most profiles should be approved within an hour. If not, we advise you to contact their support team at with your username to ask if there are any issues that you would like to address.

How Do I Use Illicit Encounters For Free?

Illict Encounter is free to sign up and create your profile. Once your profile has been approved, female users can use all features for free. Male users can only create their profiles, search for profiles, send a virtual kiss, and receive messages. To read and send messages, you will need to upgrade to Gold or Gold Plus.

Who Owns Illicit Encounters?

Illicit is operated and run by Online Tech Support LTD.

How Do I Delete My Illicit Encounters Account If I No Longer Want To Use It?

In order to delete your account you will need to follow the below steps:

  1. Click on ‘My Account’
  2. Scroll all the way down the settings page and click ‘I would like to cancel my account’
  3. You will then need to contact the support team from here to confirm you want to cancel

Are Illicit Encounters Profiles Retrievable After They Have Been Deleted?

Unfortunately, no. Once you have deleted your profile, you won’t be able to recover it. If you want to use Illicit again, you will need to open a new account.

How Do I Contact Illicit Encounters’ Customer Support?

If you want to contact Illicit Encounters you can simply click on the ‘support’ button on the site. You will need to fill in the form with your email address, subject and question. Usually, they will reply within 24 hours via the site through their admin.


Phone: 020 3633 0493


Online Tech Support Ltd.

86-90 Paul Street



How Do I Send A Message To Another User?

You can send a message to any user by clicking on their profile and clicking on the ‘send message’ button. However, if you’re a man, you will need to upgrade your membership first.

If I Cancel My Premium Membership, Do My Paid Features Stop Immediately?

No. Even if you cancel your membership early, you will still be able to use your paid features until the membership expires.

Will My Premium Membership Automatically Renew?

Yes. Paid memberships are always automatically renewed. If you don’t want the membership anymore, we advise you to cancel the auto-renewal at least 72 hours before the membership is about to continue.

How Do I Get A Refund If I Want One?

If they’re unable to supply you with what they have promised you, they may consider offering you a refund. In order to be considered for a refund you will need to contact them via email at within 7 days of purchase with the reasons why you believe you are valid for a refund. If you’ve made full use of their service though it might not be possible to get a refund. If they have decided to terminate your account for whatever reason, you most likely won’t be entitled to a refund.

Is Illicit Encounters Safe To Use?

Yes. Illicit Encounters has a number of safety measures in place to increase the safety of its members. Your email address and any messages you send are fully encrypted which means the information won’t be seen, even if in the unlikely event a data breach occurred. They never ask for your real name on the website and very minimal details are asked in order to take payment, the credit card data is encrypted and no data is held on their servers. When upgrading your membership, they use MC Online tech services for the transaction, which helps assure your discretion, especially if anyone has access to your bank information.

Is Illicit Encounters A Scam?

No. The service isn’t a scam, but like all online dating sites, you should be aware of the possibility of fake users and report anything suspicious that you come across. It is a legitimate online platform that has been around since 2003, operated by a company registered in the UK. However, the Illicit Encounters Trustpilot score is quite poor and it does have a lot of negative reviews.

What Features Come With The Gold Plus Membership?

Not only does it include all of the Gold membership features but it also includes additional features such as:

  • Invisible mode
  • Holiday mode
  • Auto-responders
  • Live alerts
  • Prepared responses
  • Custom Panic Button
  • See if your message has been read

Can I Send Virtual Kisses And Gifts For Free?

Yes and no. Virtual kisses can be sent to other members for free; however, with virtual gifts, you will need to use Illicit Encounter credits for each gift you decide to send. The price of gifts ranges from as little as 20 credits to 10,000 credits.

Will My Illicit Encounters Credits Expire If I Don’t Use Them In A Certain Amount Of Time?

No. Your IllicitEncounter credits won’t expire. The only way you will lose your credits is if you delete your account before using them.