Introduction claims to be the world’s largest community group for swingers and people seeking explicit adult action. This NSFW site brings horny people together for adult fun. It’s not the type of site to get matched you with your soulmate, but it can help in creating memorable nights.

If you’re wondering whether it’s good at achieving that, you’re not alone, we’re wondering the same thing. In this Get It On review, we’re exploring the best features of the website, as well as the various pros and cons, who’s using the site, and what the costs are, if any. We’ve also read the terms of use and the privacy policy so that you don’t have to, and we’re going to discuss any concerns regarding safety and security that we found. Finally, we’ll give you a final verdict on if GetItOn is worth your time and hard-earned cash.

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Pros & Cons


  • The points program makes the free version useful
  • The website is easy to use and intuitive
  • Many free live model videos are available


  • The Live Model section is the most active part of the site
  • Complicated system (points, tokens, subscriptions, fan clubs, there’s so much to figure out and pay for)
  • There don’t seem to be many real, active female users on the site (apart from the Live models)
  • Site is NSFW and not safe for viewing in public either

What Type Of Dating Site Is GettItOn? dating site homepage
  • Hookups
  • Meetups
  • Cam girls (“Live Models”)

It’s probably possible to build a relationship on the site, however, the main aim is for very casual encounters and that’s what most people on the site are looking for.

Who Is GetItOn For?

  • Straight
  • Gay/Lesbian
  • Bi
  • Couple

Getiton is a very sexually open site, welcoming singles or couples to meet up in pairs or in groups. There is also the option for singles to engage in cyber fun by watching and interacting with their “Live Models”.

Stats & Infographics

Male - Female Ratio dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution dating site stats and infographics country distribution

As is often the case on sites that cater to more casual relationships, the user base of GetItOn is mostly male. That means, of course, that if you’re a man, you’ve got competition and if you’re a woman, you’ve got a large selection to choose from.

Registration Process

The homepage of gets the registration process started by asking who you are, and your options are a man, woman, heterosexual couple, or a same-sex couple, all represented with images (like the typical bathroom men/women signifiers). It then asks whom you’re looking for, and gives you the same set of images, and you’re able to choose one or more of them. It then asks what physical encounters you’re seeking, giving you several options to choose from: sex between 2 people, a threesome, an orgy, chatting at a laptop, or a woman posing in front of a laptop. Again, these are represented by the bathroom figures, and these ones are slightly animated.

Next up, you’re asked to set up your Get It On profile by entering your email address and creating a username and password. Then you need to enter your birth date, your country of residence, and your zip code. Finally, you create your Introduction Title, which is the header of your profile and may not contain any personal information, and a bio where you tell others about yourself. After that, all you have to do is insert your GetItOn login details to access the site. You’ll be taken to the home page, showing you your stats, including things like your friends, who viewed you, how many gifts and tips you’ve sent and received, and what photos you’ve added to favourites, among other information.

There are several pages to complete before your profile reaches 100% completion. These pages include some basic information along with your geographical location, physical, lifestyle and sexual preferences. To sum everything up, you will be asked about your cupid preferences, and to add photos and videos to your profile. dating site registration process

Basic information was gathered during registration and is complete from the outset. Your geographical location includes the city you live in as well as your hometown, and if you’re travelling, where you are in the world. The physical information page includes questions regarding your hair and eye colour, ethnicity, height, and body type. The next section asks various questions to determine what sort of lifestyle you lead, from questions about your status to questions about your smoking, drinking, gambling, and drug habits. Your occupation and education level is also asked, as well as your religion and what languages you speak.

Sexual preferences is self-explanatory and includes questions about how you feel about things like group sex activities, BDSM, and trying new things outside of your comfort zone. This section asks you to indicate your feelings on a scale, from “Gotta have it” to “Never gonna happen”. Your Cupid Preferences page is where you indicate what sort of person you’re looking for, from their marital status to their lifestyle indicators and their physical characteristics. Finally, your Photos is where you upload your pictures, and the Videos page is where you can upload an introductory video which can be a great way to show off your personality.

Take note that these sections will only be marked as ‘complete’ when you’ve entered a preference for every single section. If you leave any sections or questions with the “no preference” option selected, it will result in those profile sections being marked as incomplete.

GetItOn App & Mobile Compatibility

The site does not currently have a mobile application, it is only able to be used via the desktop site and the mobile site. If you’re specifically looking for an app might not be the right place for you.

The mobile site is an interesting experience. It keeps showing the “Adult Friend Finder” logo as it loads, which is a sister site, but when it fully loads it changes to GetItOn. When the correct page loads, it looks sleek and user-friendly, but it is difficult to know what to press to get where you need to go. All it takes is a slip of the finger as you’re trying to view your profile, to accidentally report yourself. We found it to be quite difficult to navigate and chose to use the "Go to desktop version" option on mobile phones, but at least we knew what we were doing.

Men Vs Women

Men and women go through the same registration process and are asked for the same information when completing their profiles. Neither men nor women get any kind of advantage over the other or any benefits that the other does not get.

Additionally, both parties get the same perks from the points program, discussed below, the only real difference is that the Live Model section contains almost exclusively women so straight women might not have the best time. One final difference is that where women are asked for their bust and cup size, men are asked for their length and girth.


The GetItOn Points Program

By using the site, you earn points which you can then use to get prizes, upgrades, and even cash. Some ways to earn points include:

  • Upload a photo or video
  • Confirm your ID
  • Update your status
  • Complete your profile introduction section
  • Answer ‘Additional Questions’ on your profile
  • Get Gold Membership

Some of the prizes that are available include the ability to fully view a profile, email any member, highlight your profile for a whole month, or even upgrade to gold membership for 1 month for free. If you want to upgrade to gold, take note that you’ll have to confirm your ID first.

This is a great way to start using the site without having to get a subscription, making the free version usable. This is unusual since paid dating sites are usually almost impossible to use without buying a subscription. However, once you’ve earned the maximum points, you’ll have to buy gold or switch sites.

Finally, take note that if you do not log into your account for more than 180 days, and you still have a left-over points balance on your account, the site reserves the right to deduct 500 points per month as a service fee. This will not be deducted from your credit card, so if there is a zero points balance, nothing will be deducted.

Live Model Section

The Live Model section of the site is where you can find women who are live streaming shows on webcam. You can also browse the models and see their schedules and when they’ll next go live. This can be a fun section of the website for when you’re looking for some entertainment.

This section has some very attractive women who seem to be active on the site and have reasonably regular live shows. There are even free shows, which obviously exist to entice you to pay for the paid shows but it’s great that there is something for the free user to see.

In order to watch the paid shows, you need to purchase tokens. Tokens also enable you to send the model virtual gifts, tip her, and request private shows. The token system is discussed in more detail below. dating site live model section feature

Great Matches

GetItOn’s matching algorithm works very well provided it has enough information, meaning fully completed profiles, to make great matches. The first parameter that it uses is your etc. dating site great matches feature

Videos On Profiles

Having a video message on profiles is a great way to see that the person matches their photos, which will reduce the possibility that you’re talking to a scammer. It’s also a fun way to see someone’s personality shine through. It makes profiles feel more real and interactive, reducing the cold, impersonal feeling that online interactions sometimes have.

Offers, Prices & Costs

If you’re thinking of joining GetItOn cost is probably something you’ve been wondering about. Buckle in, because this section is a little complicated.

Subscription Package

If you’d like to subscribe, you will need to purchase a Gold Membership. This gives you access to other members’ full profiles and photos. It also allows you to access unlimited live member webcams, flirts, instant messages, and group chats. Your profile is boosted in the search results which results in more views and more connections. The Gold Membership costs are:

  • 1 month: $29.95
  • 3 months: $19.93 per month ($59.80 billed quarterly)
  • 12 months: $14.92 per month ($179.10 billed yearly)

You’re also able to ‘enhance’ your gold plan with ‘Enhanced Chat Messages’. Some advantages of this are that you’ll show up higher in the search results, it allows members to contact you at any time, and it allows express message delivery. The cost to enhance your profile is:

  • 1 month: $19.90
  • 3 months: $11.97 per month ($35.90 billed quarterly)
  • 12 months: $8.95 per month ($107.40 billed yearly)

However, this seems like a money grab, we don’t recommend ‘enhancing’ your membership. To pay an extra two-thirds of the original cost just to get a bump in search results and to get ‘express message delivery”, which is a standard we’ve come to expect with most messaging services recently, seems unreasonable. The advantages are not worth the cost.

As with most subscription models, your subscription will automatically renew at the end of your chosen period, and it will renew for the same package as the one that just expired. In order to disable auto-renewal, you will simply need to head to the Billing History Page and turn the marker to ‘OFF’. dating site subscription package prices and costs

Token Package

As mentioned above, a prominent feature of the site is the Live Model section, where beautiful women put on sexy shows in live streams. Some shows are available for free but if you’d like to see one of the paid shows, you need to purchase tokens to do so.

The tokens are sold in packages that cost:

  • 100 tokens: $12
  • 185 tokens: $20
  • 500 tokens: $50
  • 1000 tokens: $99 dating site token package prices and costs

Once you have purchased tokens, you can use those tokens to view the paid shows which are charged per minute and the prices are set by the model. You can also use the tokens to directly tip her, buy a private show, or send her virtual gifts. The virtual gifts are little pictures and animations of things like a kiss, a pair of shoes, jewellery, roses, and many more. When you send a gift, it costs you tokens to send it and the performer gets a portion of the cost, as a tip. These are more of a gesture than anything else but can be a way to get yourself noticed by the model. Although we do urge you to remain realistic to avoid disappointment.

Every token you spend on a model gets tallied up, and the users who have spent the most tokens on her become her Top Fans.


Finally, you are also able to sign up to join a specific live model’s fan club. By joining the fan club, you get up to a 70% discount on the cost of private chats and streams, you can also view her recorded shows for free. Furthermore, you get access to custom videos that she makes for the fan club for free, and you get instant access to the model’s nude show photos.

The cost to join fan clubs differs from model to model, however in our research we found the price is usually about $14.95 per month, it is unclear if this is another auto-renewed billing or not. The only period available is a 1-month period. dating site offer prices and costs

Safety & Security

Some Profile Verification

When creating your profile, the site needs to approve your introduction title and the about me section before they show up on your public profile. The same happens with photos. This is a great anti-scam measure since it prevents people from using pictures that they found off the internet. While this isn’t infallible, it makes it harder for people to create fake profiles and will hopefully deter some of them from creating them at all.

Additionally, the site incentivizes you to confirm your ID by uploading some form of official identification by giving you points for completing the confirm ID step. This also increases the safety level of the site by making it easier to spot which profiles have confirmed their ID and are likely real people.

One big downside on this point is the fact that there’s no way of knowing if a person has done any verification actions since there’s no verification ‘badge’ or anything like that.

Terms Of Service & Privacy Policy

The terms of use and privacy policy did not raise any safety issues when we perused them. There are some general terms forbidding abuse or hateful speech, and terms that encourage you to practise basic internet safety before meeting someone from the site.

There is also an indicator that since members of the team (which includes the moderation team mentioned above) may live in different countries, your personal information may be transferred to a country that has more lax security measures and may therefore be slightly more at risk. This is a standard term on many dating sites and has no real cause for concern.

Block Members

If someone is bothering you or making you uncomfortable, you’re able to block them. This adds them to your ‘Member Blocked List’, accessible from your home page. They can then no longer message you. This is great because if you encounter someone that you believe is not real, or someone who you believe means you harm, you’re able to block them and don’t have to interact with them anymore. You can also report members from their profiles by clicking ‘Report’, if they are harassing you or you suspect they may not be real.


GetItOn seems to have a user base consisting of mostly men, which can be daunting to join whether you’re another man joining the fray or a woman looking for fun. It has a complicated system of different items to subscribe to which are difficult to wrap your head around. The small increase in benefits with each new subscription makes it seem like it may just be a money grab.

You get the impression that most resources are given to and gained from, the Live Models section of the site. While there’s nothing wrong with that per se, it does seem misleading to still label this a dating site. The good news is that we didn’t see anything concerning while going through the terms and conditions. However, the bad news is, having thoroughly tested the site, it seems to be turning into a camgirl site that is pretending to be a dating site.

At the end of the day, it's rating was not an absolute 0 since it is a working dating site, it could be used for the purpose it’s meant to be used for. We like that they’ve created a system, the points system, that allows you to use the site without having to pay from the beginning. However, the lack of real women and the pressure to view the Live Models, as well as the costs for all the various features that add up to be very expensive, brought the score down.

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  • When entering your sexual preferences, you’ll see several dots to select, but no words next to them. Simply hover over the dot and check the top of the page because it highlights which dot corresponds to which option.
  • Make good use of the points system – you can earn points from certain actions more than once, just make sure to check the maximum number of points you can earn per action.
  • Remember that there are many, many men on the site so make your profile stand out. Include many pictures of yourself, from your best angles.
  • You can change the filter for the website by hovering over your username, which gives you the option to be shown everything, some nudity, or to keep it clean (called “Nice”).


Is Get It On Legit?

It is a real website that has the potential to bring people together. And the Live Model section seems to be real and legit. However, after some testing, we don’t think there are many real women outside of the models so it isn’t really the best place to find someone for some fun.

How Do I Delete GetItOn?

If you want to delete your profile, you just need to head to the “Change profile visibility” section, click on account settings, and you’ll be able to either delete your account or temporarily disable it. When you delete your account, keep in mind that the cancellation is valid from the date on which they receive your cancellation notice. There is no refund for unused points and no refund for unused days that are still available on your subscription. To avoid disappointment, make sure you’ve used any available tokens and try to cancel close to the end date of your current subscription.

I Can’t Access My Get It On Profile?

If you’ve forgotten your password, you can try and click on ‘forgot password’ and they’ll send you an email with a link to change your password. If you no longer have access to that email address, you’ll have to get in contact with the website which you can do by hitting “Contact us” on the upper right corner of the screen.

Are There Alternative Payment Options Available?

There are! You can pay online with your credit card, they accept Visa and Mastercard. You can also pay using Paypal, or you’re also able to mail a check to them, you can find the address when you click ‘contact us’ in the upper right corner of your profile screen.