WetHunt Introduction

wethunt dating site homepage

WetHunt is an adult dating site which aims to help single men and women find a sexy partner to arrange sexual encounters with. However, most of the interactions on the site are chat-based and likely won't result in anything real. Those who don't mind a bit of fantasy chatting, though, will definitely find some value in signing up.

WetHunt.com, owned by MediaScythe LTD, was founded in 2019, making this site relatively juvenile compared to other dating behemoths we've all come to know. Some of its features are the standard for most dating sites, making WetHunt easy to use for new members.

In this WetHunt review, we'll cover everything you need to know before committing to the site. This includes all its features, how much it will cost, and what you can expect to find here. Once done, you should be able to decide whether Wet Hunt can help you cut down on your sexual hunting time. 

WetHunt Pros & Cons


  • Very easy to navigate 
  • A straightforward and simple subscription plan 
  • Registration is extremely quick


  • Many fake profiles powered by AI 
  • No search function is available 
  • There are a lot of ads on every single page 
  • No email verification is required to sign up
  • Outdated site design and no mobile app

What Type Of Dating Site Is WetHunt?

  • Hookups
  • Meetups
  • Chatting
  • Fantasy encounters 

Who Is WetHunt For?

  • Straight
  • Gay 
  • Lesbian
  • Bi

There is no way to specify which gender you are interested in while signing up or after registration. WetHunt.com will present you with a mix of both genders (most of which are female computer-generated) regardless of whether you signed up as a man or woman.

Stats & Infographics Of WetHunt.com

Male - Female Ratio

wethunt dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Most hookup sites today have similar gender ratios, with men often being more than double the women. Despite that, Wet Hunt presented the largest inconsistency we've encountered, with men being more than four times as many as women.

Age Demographics

wethunt dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution

wethunt dating site stats and infographics country distribution

WetHunt Login Process

The registration process on Wet Hunt is just as easy as counting to three.

  1. Visit WetHunt.com
  2. Enter your name, email, gender, and age
  3. Click on "Create account"
wethunt login process and form of dating site

It is that simple! Neither a password nor email verification was required to sign up, but both were needed to log in again later on from another device. Only the mobile browser version of the site will ask for a password when signing up.

Note that you'll need to remember your WetHunt login details because there is no way to retrieve, reset or recover your password. If you input the wrong information, it only results in a "Login or password is incorrect" notice. Luckily, the site doesn't have a "log out" function on desktop, so you will stay logged in to your profile pretty much indefinitely.

Your WetHunt profile will automatically add your location and language, but you can change this at your convenience. You can upload a profile photo, gallery images, and fill out your profile with more information after registration. There are a total of four sections:

  • About me
  • Interests
  • Work
  • Education

Each section gives you space to write a paragraph or two about yourself and, as a result, increases your chances of finding someone like-minded. It's worth mentioning that all information you put on your profile, including all your photos, will be public for anyone who is a member of WetHunt. 

wethunt dating site profile completion process

Wet Hunt App & Mobile Compatibility

Those looking to download the Wet Hunt app can stop searching now. So far, there has yet to be an app equivalent for the website. The good news is that the site will look the same regardless of whether you are browsing via your desktop, tablet, or mobile phone.

Obviously, a few things, like the menu bar, are slightly different on a mobile phone to accommodate the smaller screen size. Unfortunately, that also means that their ads and pop-ups were much more intrusive via our mobile browsers. The site will also get wonky when you zoom in or out on your desktop, so keep things at 100% magnification to avoid any potential bugs.

wet hunt app and mobile compatibility registration process

The menu bar did not work when we logged in via a tablet. As a result, our access to some features, including messages, likes, and website settings, was limited. So, for the best experience, we'd suggest sticking to either a desktop or mobile device.

Men Vs Women On WetHunt.com

The overall experience for men and women on WetHunt is similar. Both genders have the same signup process and get the same features for the same price. Everyone's "Feed" and "TOP-users" pages will show a selection of women (of both real and AI profiles) no matter what gender they signed up as. The “Discovery” page only presents female users with male profiles while male users can view both genders on the same page.

One significant difference is that women can filter profiles based on the gender they are interested in. Additionally, their discovery page will not have any ads or pop-ups. 

Besides that, our male profile received much more attention than our female. Considering Wet Hunt operates some female AI-generated profiles and how much men outnumber women, we weren't surprised.

Wet Hunt Top Features

blue magnifier Discovery

wethunt dating site discovery feature

The WetHunt Discovery feature is similar to swiping on Tinder. With no search function on the site, this is the best place to find new matches with actual members. You go through a stack of profile photos, one profile at a time, and choose to like (click on the heart icon) or dislike (click in the 'X') what you see.

It's a quick and fun way to find someone attractive and interact with other users outside of chatting. Members will receive a personal message informing them that someone has liked one of their photos. It's a nice way to break the ice if you ask us. 

wethunt-features-feed Feed

wethunt dating site feed feature

WetHunt's Feed page is similar to Facebook. You have a list of posts you can scroll through. All posts contain a photo of the member and a short text with their name, age, and location. You can find and message pretty much anyone directly from your Feed. 

The site urges you to "Text her while she is online" or "She is online, why not say hello?", perhaps to encourage men to send out that first message. There is virtually no way to make your own posts on Wet Hunt's Feed. This made us question the legitimacy of the profiles and posts even further. Regarding functionality, though, it is still a great place to browse and find other people to chat with. 

wethunt-top-features-users TOP-users

wethunt dating site top-users feature

WetHunt.com will show you a collection of only the most popular members for your convenience. From there, you'll be able to browse through the TOP users based on popularity for the hour, day, week, or month. Not only can you view lists of sexy profiles, but also message anyone you find through them directly if you wish.

The best part about the TOP-users feature is that the site filters the profiles based on your location. This means that you can view the hottest singles closest to you. And the closer they are, the easier it is to meet up.

WetHunt Offers, Prices & Costs

WetHunt is primarily a freemium service that offers access to some features for free. Registration and browsing are completely free, but you can also read the first message from other members at no cost. However, some primary features require a monthly membership.

After your initial WetHunt sign in process, you will be asked to verify your age via a credit card check that will cost $0.99. This check also comes with a free trial period of the membership. During the age verification, you agree that you will automatically be billed the $39.99 when the trial period expires. This amount will also be auto-renewed every 30 days.

Keep a close eye on the small print because you might be agreeing to sign up for other memberships without knowing it. If you didn't uncheck the 'bonus' free trial period to pickup-guru.com, you will also be charged an extra $29.99 monthly.

WetHunt.com also advertises a 100% free lifetime membership; however, such a membership does not exist.

Wet Hunt Subscription Packages

Subscription Prices & Costs

  • Age verification fee: $0.99 (once off)
  • Monthly membership: $39.99 per month

Subscription Perks Included

  • Full access to other MediaScythe dating sites
  • Read and send unlimited WetHunt messages
  • View full profiles and photo galleries of members

WetHunt Safety & Security

Fake Profiles 

WetHunt makes it clear that only some of the members on the site are real. While this is not openly advertised during registration, they clarify that in their Risk Notice and License Agreement. They also specify that they use AI-generated profiles to help increase their users' overall activity on the website. Responses from these profiles are 100% artificial and do not get moderated or checked. As a result, most of them are also quite unnatural.

In our experience, the AI profiles could only hold very basic conversations, tending to repeat themselves without really following what was said before. They were also extremely eager to send flirtatious photos while asking how much we'd want to have sex with them.

To make things more straightforward, WetHunt.com tags profiles with an icon to indicate what type of profile you are talking to. The icons are as follows:

wethunt dating site safety and security fake profiles

UP: Unreal Person

ON: Real person who is online

OFF: Real person who is offline

These icons will also either be coloured green or red. A green icon indicates a high chance of getting a reply, whereas a red icon shows a much lower chance of your WetHunt message getting answered.

Use Of Personal Information

WetHunt collects the following data from its users: 

  • Provided (anything posted on your profile)
  • Site navigational data (overall activity on the site)
  • Cookies
  • Payments (purchase amounts and methods)
  • Transactional data (credit card details)
  • Advertising (non-personal data to provide targeted advertising)

The collected data is primarily used to provide, improve, and personalise the overall services of the site and to show more personalised and targeted advertising.

The above are pretty standard on most dating sites. So, after a very close look through their privacy policy, we can say that nothing shady is going on.

Third-Party Involvement

With a site so full of advertisements, you can be sure there are a lot of third parties in the mix. In these cases, it is extremely important to be careful about which links you decide to click and to always consult the privacy policy of these third-party websites before continuing.

These third-party sites may independently solicit and collect your data to use however they see fit. Data, including your activities on these websites, will also be shared with WetHunt for their use.


Now you know what to expect when you dive into the WetHunt world of sex and online dating. You can find a mix of real and AI-driven female profiles to have fun with. So, if you are looking for an actual hookup with someone real or want to sext with someone, WetHunt could be for you.

It won't come completely free, but you might find the price worth the entertainment. If it is out of budget for you, we'd hold back on purchasing any packages and be careful with the small print. WetHunt is still a rather young site, and who is to say, with how the world is progressing, perhaps AI flirting will be the new kink in the years to come.

The site itself may feel outdated at a glance, but with some familiar features, there's no doubt to us that it can be a fun site to try out. So why not give it a go for yourself?

WetHunt Tips

  • Use a VPN and sign in through a South African server to access the site at no cost. 
  • Sign up via a desktop browser so you'll never need to worry about remembering your password.
  • Keep an eye out for fake accounts if you want something real. They are labelled "UP". 

WetHunt FAQ

What Is WetHunt?

WetHunt.com is an adult dating site which operates some AI-driven profiles. It can entertain anyone looking for a real hookup or just online sexting. It offers free messages as well as an assortment of adult content to enhance your erotic encounters.

Does WetHunt.com Have Fake Profiles?

Yes. There definitely are fake profiles on Wet Hunt. This is stated in the site's terms, and fake profiles can be identified by an "UP" icon on their profile picture.

Is WetHunt Legit?

Yes. WetHunt is a legit adult dating site that offers its members both real and AI-driven encounters. 

What Do The Icons On Some WetHunt Profiles Mean?

UP stands for "Unreal person", ON stands for "real person who is online", and OFF refers to a "real person who is offline". Icons with a green background are most likely to reply, while those with red backgrounds might not respond to your messages at all. 

How To Delete WetHunt?

You can delete your Wet Hunt account by:

  • Visiting "Settings"
  • Choosing "DELETE PROFILE"
  • Clicking on the "REMOVE" button
  • Tick all four boxes provided and click "Continue".

Following the above steps will permanently delete your account. You will also automatically be signed out, and all your stored data will be lost with no option for recovery. 

How Do I Log In To My WetHunt Account?

There is no need to log in on WetHunt. Once your account has been created, your browser cookies will keep you logged in on your device. The only exception to this is to delete your account altogether. 

How Can I Find A Match On Wet Hunt?

The only way to find a match is to browse through members on your discovery page, feed, and TOP-users. AI profiles will automatically message you, so scrolling through your inbox is another way to find someone to chat with. There is no search function on WetHunt. 

How Can I Block Someone On WetHunt? 

Unfortunately, you can't. While there is a "blacklist" option in your settings. There is no way to add anyone to this list. The option simply doesn't exist. 

Is WetHunt.com LGBTQ-Friendly?

While anyone can join the site, no specific accommodations are made for those who identify as anything other than straight, gay and lesbian.

How Do I Disable My Notifications On WetHunt? 

Go to your "Settings" on the left-hand side of the screen. Select the "NOTIFICATIONS" tab at the top and untick any alerts that you no longer wish to receive an email for.

Are WetHunt Credit Card Statements Discreet?

Yes, statements are discreet. "WetHunt" will never appear on your credit card statements. It will instead show paygate24.net.

Does Wet Hunt Have Special Bonuses?

Wet Hunt doesn't generally run any promotions or discounts. There is, however, a bonus offer to have access to other MediaScythe LTD sites for $29.99 per month.