ShagToday Introduction

ShagToday is a UK site for singles who are interested in fantasy chats. You might be wondering, "Is ShagToday legit?" Well, the domain name is a little misleading. It suggests that the site will help you find a sexual partner quite quickly to have a shag today, yet it's mainly a chat site.

Unfortunately, the site made it into the news in 2022 through no fault of its own. A truck driver in the UK was distracted on his phone by visiting ShagToday and one other site, causing a fatal accident.

This Shag Today review will expand on the registration process and how the site experience differs between men and women. We will discuss some pros and cons, the cost of using the site and some helpful tips.

So, ShagToday, is it a scam? Or is ShagToday real? Let's find out.

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ShagToday Pros & Cons


Profiles are friendly and will reach out to message you

Quick and easy registration process

Credit payments do not auto-renew


The website sets your password for you (this doesn't feel secure and can be difficult to remember)

Credits are expensive

Many profiles are fictional, so meeting with them is impossible

It is difficult to tell which profiles are fake and which are real

What Type Of Dating Site Is ShagToday?

Shagtoday dating site homepage
  • Chatting
  • Friendships
  • Fantasy chatting/relationships

ShagToday works as a message exchange site. It's not really for hooking up or physical relationships. So, you'll be able to create 'friendships' with folks, but it'll be more of a pen pal than a friend with benefits.

Who Is ShagToday For?

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian
  • Bi

The gender options of ShagToday are quite limiting when signing up. Specifically, you can sign up as a man or woman, seeking men or women. This means lesbian, gay, straight and bi people can join, although the latter will need to seek men and women separately.

Stats & Infographics Of ShagToday

Male - Female Ratio

83.13% Male

16.87% Female

Shagtoday dating site stats and infographics male to female ratio

Age Demographics

17.41% → 18 - 24 Year-Olds

22.86% → 25 - 34 Year-Olds

17.08% → 35 - 44 Year-Olds

16.39% → 45 - 54 Year-Olds

13.27% → 55 - 64 Year-Olds

12.98% → 65+ Year-Olds

Shagtoday dating site stats and infographics age demographics

Country Distribution

99.62% → United Kingdom

0.38% → Netherlands

ShagToday caters to people from the United Kingdom, which is clear from the country distribution above. This site also has one of the highest gender discrepancies compared to other dating sites we've reviewed.

Shagtoday dating site stats and infographics country distribution

Registration Process Of

Shagtoday dating site registration process

Registration is quick and easy! The home page starts by asking for:

  • Your gender
  • The gender that you're interested in
  • Where you live
  • How old you are
  • Your preference
  • Your email address

Your preference refers to what you're looking for and includes relationship options from exploring erotic/sexual fantasies to love/companionship. Once complete, click "continue", and the site will urge you to verify your email address. Please keep in mind that you can only access the site as an email-verified user.

Shagtoday dating site registration steps to complete profile

You can complete your profile by following three steps. Step one is selecting some interests from the list provided. Interestingly, this list varies based on the relationship preference you chose when registering. Step two requires you to upload a photo, and step three asks you to fill in information about your physical appearance. After those three steps, your profile is complete, and you can start browsing. You can also skip all three steps and go straight to browsing through profiles.

ShagToday Mobile Application / Compatibility

There is no mobile app available, but the site is reasonably well-optimised for use on smaller devices through your preferred browser. Instead of the menu bar across the top of the page, you can access different tabs by clicking on the menu button in the top right corner. Apart from that small change, there are no differences between the mobile and desktop sites. You can do all the same things and access the same options.

Men Vs Women On ShagToday

 Setting up a profile on the ShagToday website is the exact same process for both men and women. The profile registration involves the same questions, and the credits cost the same for both genders. Additionally, everyone who joins the site gets the same number of free credits on registration. Both men and women can use all the features, which include search filters, instant messaging, and sending a wink.

Shagtoday dating site men vs women

One notable difference is that male profiles receive attention in messages almost immediately, while it's much slower for females. Our male tester got his first profile view and message within 3 minutes of creating his profile. Our female tester, on the other hand, had zero profile interactions after a few hours. After a few days, our male tester's profile had 14 messages and 20 profile views, while our female tester's profile still had no interactions. This is very unusual on a shag site like this one.

Shagtoday dating site men vs women features

ShagToday Top Features

yellow magnifier Search Filters

Shagtoday dating site search filters feature

You can browse profiles to find someone to chat with through your dashboard. You can filter the results based on a few categories:

  • The gender you are interested in (limited to men or women)
  • Age range
  • Distance from you
  • Whether they have a photo or not
  • Whether they're currently online

Filtering is a great way to help you find someone to talk to who ticks all your boxes. Or, if you're looking for someone to talk to right away, you can search for someone who's online at that moment.

yellow chat message magnifier Instant Messaging

Shagtoday dating site instant messaging feature

ShagToday also has a helpful chat feature, allowing you to instant message a person of your choice. This feature allows for real-time conversations. You can see if the other person has read your message, which is helpful in several ways. If you're waiting for a reply, seeing that the message is unread indicates that the person may be busy. Alternatively, if they read your message, it may be a subtle hint that they aren't interested in you. It's also an easy way to see which messages in your inbox you've seen and still need to read.

The chat also has emojis. Additionally, you can attach photos to messages if you wish to do so. Photo sharing is a great way to show interest, make the conversation more interesting, and verify the person on the other end. You can exchange pictures of your pets or more NSFW photos if things get steamy.

yellow smiley Send A Wink

If you're not good at starting a conversation, don't worry! You can still show interest in other profiles by sending them a "wink". "Winks" are received directly as a message in your inbox. It's a great way to interact with them without the pressure of crafting the perfect first message. It also puts the ball in their court to follow up if they're interested in you.

ShagToday Offers, Prices & Costs

ShagToday UK works on a credits-based system. When you initially register, you'll receive 100 free credits. It costs 100 credits to send a message, and once you've spent the initial 100 credits, there will be a notification in the chat with a link telling you to top up.

Shagtoday dating site offers prices and costs credit packages

Credit Packages

  • 1250 credits: £29.95 

This works out to 12.5 messages at £2.40 per message

  • 2750 credits + 250 free credits: £59.99 

30 messages, £2 per message

  • 6500 credits + 500 free credits: £99.99 

70 messages, £1.43 per message

  • 17500 credits +2500 free credits: £249.95 

200 messages, £1.25 per message

The price per message is relatively steep compared to others on the market. The reference on your bank statement is very discreet; it'll only say "TRF Service". Unlike other dating sites, buying credits on ShagToday is a once-off transaction; there is no autorenewal. From other ShagToday reviews, this is true: money will only be deducted from your account once.

ShagToday Safety & Security

Fictional Profiles & Fantasy Chatting

Shagtoday dating site fictional profiles and fantasy chatting

ShagToday is reasonably open about the fact that many profiles on the site are fictional, even stating this fact on their home page. However, these fictional profiles are difficult to identify and may even be intentionally misleading by suggesting they'd like to meet in their messages.

The terms and conditions explain that the site does not have the goal of helping people get in-person dates or meetings. Their Ts&Cs mention that the parent company can create fictional profiles where "physical bonds" are not possible, which means you can't meet these people. Additionally, ShagToday doesn't clarify how the fictional profiles work or who runs them.

Password Safety

Something unusual about ShagToday is that you can't create your own password when registering. Instead, you get a password emailed to you. We found this odd, not to mention unsafe or hard to remember. The password is very short, and you don't know who could have access to the password information (and, as a result, your account).

The good news is that you can change your password from your account settings, and we suggest doing that as soon as you've logged in for the first time. It can save you from frantically searching through your emails to find the password they gave you.


At the time of writing, ShagToday does not have any subscription available. However, should a subscription be made available in the future, note that Article 7, Clause 9 of the terms and conditions states that ShagToday may automatically renew subscriptions without notice. If you don't want your subscription to auto-renew, you'll need to email


ShagToday is, first and foremost, a UK-based dating site. However, since it mainly operates as a fantasy chatting platform with mostly fictional profiles, you can chat from anywhere in the world. The site has limited features, including search filters and an instant messaging tab. We found that male profiles get much more attention than female ones, which was an interesting departure from how dating sites usually work. 

As a dating site, we'd recommend giving this one a skip. You'll never meet the people behind these fictional profiles, and there are only a few real profiles in between. As a fantasy chatting site, it's an okay option. The messages you'll receive are friendly and sometimes naughty; it could be fun if chatting is all you're looking for. But only use it if you can afford to pay £1.25 or more per message.

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ShagToday Tips

  • Beware, don't open your messages in public! Some messages contain NSFW pictures.
  • Don't waste your only free message on replying to the first person who messages you; if you wait a while, you'll get many more messages.
  • The email verification will end up in your spam folder, so don't forget to check there when you register.


How Do I Delete My Profile? 

If you go to account settings, there is a big red 'delete account' button at the bottom of the page. 

Is ShagToday A Scam?

Many other Shag Today reviews indicate that it is a scam, and while there is a lot of misleading language, we'd say technically, it's not. The fine print on the home page indicates most profiles are fictional, so they're legally protected and clear.

How Can I Get ShagToday Free Credits?

Unfortunately, there are no ways to get free credits at the time of writing.

Can I Use ShagToday If I'm Not In The UK?

You can! You'll find that the prices are still in GBP, but your bank will convert it to your home currency when you do the transaction.