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Introduction To SexInTouch

SexInTouch is a site that's open to everyone. They claim it's a place where individuals of all backgrounds can discover love and form meaningful connections. At, we aim to verify these claims and determine if the site is actually worthy of your trust. So, join us as we do a thorough analysis of SexInTouch, exploring its various features, demographics, pros, cons, and more. This way, you can determine if Sex In Touch is the dating site that fits your needs and dating style.

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Pros & Cons


Sex in Touch is very easy to use and navigate through

The site is optimised for all devices


No sexintouch app is available

No proof of identity verification is needed

Many fake accounts


What Type Of Dating Site Is SexInTouch?

SexInTouch is designed for users seeking:

  • Hookups
  • Relationships
  • Chatting

Who Is SexInTouch For?

Sex in Touch promotes itself as being open to all. However, the only available sexual orientations we found were:

  • Straight
  • Gay
  • Lesbian

Stats & Infographics Of SexInTouch

Male - Female Ratio

72.4% Male

27.6% Female

Age Demographics

26.3% → 18 - 24 Year-Olds 

35.6% → 25 - 34 Year-Olds

18.7% → 35 - 44 Year-Olds

11.3% → 45 - 54 Year-Olds

7% → 55 - 64 Year-Olds

1.1% → 65+ Year-Olds

Country Distribution

56.6% → United Kingdom

26% → United States

6.8% → France

5.1% → Australia

4.7% → Canada

SexInTouch Registration Process

When signing up, you will need to select your gender and the gender you are interested in (men or women), input your age, (your location will be determined automatically), and provide your email and password.

After clicking on 'start now,' a pop-up will appear, informing you to check your email and confirm it. Once you confirm your email, another pop-up will advise you to upload a profile picture. By doing so, you can use the “like gallery” feature, have a higher visibility in the search results and can overall attract more users.

To maximise your chances of finding the perfect match, make sure to complete your account by adding all the necessary information on your profile tab. In this section, provide details for the following categories:

  • Personal info (orientation, hair colour, ethnicity and body type)
  • Upload more pictures
  • Upload a video
  • Status (you have 500 characters available to share what you are thinking about at the moment.)
  • Looking for (gender, age-range and location)
  • Additional information (eye colour, tattoos, education, religion etc.)

Once you've filled in all this data, your profile will be fully optimised and prepared for you to begin exploring other users' profiles.

SexInTouch App & Mobile Compatibility

As of today, Sex in Touch does not have a mobile application available. Nevertheless, their website is completely optimised for all devices, ensuring a consistent design and user-friendly experience without any major differences.

Men Vs Women On SexInTouch

The costs and the way the sexintouch website looks are the same for both men and women. The only big difference is that men's accounts receive a lot more attention and messages as soon as they register. This only makes us wonder, are these accounts real or fake?

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SexInTouch Top Features

red magnifier icon Search Tool

A key feature found on dating sites is the search function. However, when it comes to Sex In Touch, this feature might leave you somewhat unsatisfied as it confines your search to local users, preventing you from exploring matches in other countries. Despite this limitation, the search tool does offer some flexibility through filters. You can add your preferences, including whether users should have videos or pictures, and you can also specify their sexual orientation (straight or bisexual), ethnicity, body type, and more.

red gallery icon Like Gallery

If you've used Tinder's swiping feature before, you'll find it easy to navigate the gallery feature on SexInTouch. Users' pictures will be displayed, and you can swipe right if you're interested or left if you're not. You can also start a direct conversation with them right from there. You can also view those who have liked your profile, as well as discover your "perfect matches," which occur when both you and the other user have liked each other's profiles.

red views icon Views

Each time someone clicks on your profile, their information is saved in your "Views" section, accessible through the "Notification" tab. This feature proves to be valuable for keeping a record of users who have shown an interest in your profile.

red heart icon Likes

A commonly found feature on dating sites is the 'like' function. As you may already know, you can show your interest in other users by either visiting their profiles and liking them or by participating in the 'like gallery' game. It's important to note that when you like someone's profile, they will receive a notification.

red star icon Favourites

By marking profiles as your favourites, you can take the first step in showing your attraction to them. This method helps you keep a record of potential matches you wish to pursue. You are also, of course, notified if someone fancies you and has added you to their favourites list.

SexInTouch Offers, Prices & Costs

Sexintouch offers a monthly subscription for those who wish to become full members and enjoy additional benefits. 

Subscription Package

3 Days - £0.63 per day

1 Month - £15.29 per month

3 Months - £8.99 per month

6 Months - £6.39 per month

By becoming a member, you will unlock: 

  • Unlimited chats
  • Bigger sized photos for upload
  • Looking for info
  • Extended search
  • Premium support
  • Share photos and videos in the chat

SexInTouch Safety & Security

Data Protection

Sex in touch collects and uses the information you provide and agree to. You have the option to request a copy of your personal information or make changes to it. If you decide to delete your account, most of your data will be removed. However, some data may be retained for security or payment processing reasons, such as in the case of potential legal issues. The information that Sexintouch gathers includes your activity on the website, your IP address, and any linked social media accounts. They state that this data is collected to enhance users' experiences on the site.

Third Parties

Sex in Touch shares user data with third-party providers to improve the services offered to them. These third parties assist with various functions, such as information management, credit and payment processing, and data hosting. It's important to note that Sexintouch does not disclose contact details and abstains from using this data for marketing purposes without the user's explicit consent. However, they may use information and share it with third parties to promote services they believe would be of interest to the user.

Moderated Profiles

The terms and conditions of Sexintouch state that they use automated accounts to interact with users and make their experience better. Essentially, they aim to encourage users to become paid members because only paid members can respond to messages. It's important to be aware that many of the likes, favourites, and views you receive on Sex in Touch are likely not genuine but are automatically generated. This is particularly noticeable for male users.

You can fill out a form for any Sex in Touch-related inquiries that you may have here.


If you're on the lookout for a trustworthy dating platform, you might want to reconsider going for Sexintouch, primarily because of the large number of fake accounts that you're likely to encounter. While Sexintouch does feature a straightforward and easy-to-navigate interface, it falls short in terms of offering any notable or distinctive features. Our recommendation would be to explore alternative dating sites that can better meet your needs and preferences.

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Sex In Touch Tips

  • Become a paid member if you want to interact with other users.
  • Upload a profile picture in order to be able to favourite other users and increase your profile visibility.
  • Fill in all the information on your profile and upload a video in order to attract more users.


Are There Fake Accounts In SexInTouch?

Sexintouch is notable for having a large number of fake accounts within its user base. This issue of inauthentic profiles can sometimes pose challenges for users seeking real connections on the platform. It's advisable for users to exercise caution when engaging with other members to ensure a safe and genuine dating experience.

How Do I Delete My Account On Sex in Touch?

The account deletion is a bit lengthy as you will need to complete a couple of steps:

  1. Click on "My Settings."
  2. Select "Remove Account."
  3. Enter your password.
  4. Choose whether you want all your information to be removed.
  5. Specify the reason for deleting your account.
  6. Confirm the deletion by ticking the relevant box.
  7. You will receive a confirmation code in your email.
  8. You have to send the code you received through the sexintouch support form.